Pho Kyar Forest Resort

Pho Kyar Forest Resort

Accommodation in Pho Kyar Forest Camp. We trek to the elephant camp near the resort, where we meet elephant trainers and study their way of life. The Pho Kyar Forest Resort has recently developed into an ideal place for ecotourism as it has a special privilege to occupy a prime location. Accommodation on the environmentally friendly campsite. Dinner and lunch at the Waldcamp.

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Arrival at Pho Kyar Elephant Camp. Recently Pho Kyar Forest Resort has turned out to be an excellent place for ecotourism as it has a particular privileged position to occupy a first-class site, a small forest adjoining a brook that runs in a zigzag in the area and offers a wealth of waters for the locals to populate and bathing in.

More than 150 years of experience with the use of more than 150 years old wood from our company is a great asset to our customers. Accommodation at Pho Kyar Elephant Resort.

Watch elephants bathing and elephants chopping down after breakfast. Come and visit the sights around the campsite. Afterwards, you go for about 1 hr into the forest. The lunch is cooked and serviced at the resort. Then in the afternoons you will see the elephants show free and simple program. Later in the day, hike to the Elephants Camping near the resort, where you can see elephants trainer and learn their way of being.

Accommodation at Pho Kyar Elephant Resort.

Dschungeltour - 1 overnight at the elephant camp

Earlier this day you will be meeting your companion in the motel who will take good charge of you during your stay in the forest. Then head to the Bago Range, where the Pho Kyar Elephant Camping in Thagara is situated near the antique city of Taungoo, about 300 km from Yangon.

Take the motorway towards the Naypyitaw, the capitol, until you arrive at 173 milestones, from where you take a turnoff towards the forest camps and wait for you, with its interesting activity and the enchanting elephant, the conscientious closest friend of the foresters. Early after early breakfasts, you will take a trip on the shoulder of a vibrant, huge pachyderma around the campsite, offering you a truly thrilling and unforgettable adventure of the jungles.

Sitting in the cot, connected to the back, you will see the various types of hard-wood tree and shrub that are studying wildlife and wildlife, among which are Ochids and native herbs, observing tea tree that are picked and felled on the 20-hectare orchard estate, and seeing how working wooden elephant help the local people deforest.

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