Pho Kyar Elephant Camp Resort

Pho Kyar Elephant Camp Resort

His Ye Forest Camp is no longer and now, new elephant camp called Pho Kyar Elephant Camp, which is about an hour drive from Taungoo. The Yangon-based travel agency offers Pho Kyar Elephant Camp at an affordable price. Yoangon Taunggu Pho Kyar Elephant Camp Yangon.

Pho Kyar Elephant Camp

Myanmar Telemarketer, from the most prestigeous to the most economic in Myanmar. Our offer probably includes the cheapest properties and their prices that are competitively priced for other individuals who can offer the same as you. No 8(A), Khapaung Street (Martin Avenue), 6 Miles, Pyay Road, Hlaing Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

First, we would like to welcome this beautiful traditional way in Myanmar, which means "May you be cheap". Buildings - 41, Rooms - 21, Shwe Ohn Pin Housing, Yanshin Road, Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Campsite Pho Kyar Elephants

Taungoo was established in 1280 by the two siblings. Thinkaba (1347-1358) constructed a castle near the small hamlet of Gyobinseik. The King Tabinshwehti (1591 - 50) kept a trolley route from Taungooto Pyay and another trolley route from Taungoo to Bago. The Pho Kyar Elephants Camp is situated in the Bago Yoma mountains in the sing ya forrest.

It' about 16 kilometres from the city of Thargaya on the Yangon-Mandalay motorway and 330 kilometres from Yangon and 389 kilometres from Mandalay. There is plenty of fresh air for the locals and an elephant bath. The excursion offers the possibility to see an elephant village where you can see the skilful way the elephant guide (Mahoot) is communicating with his elephant.

In the early mornings after arriving at YANGON International Airport you will be greeted by your Mai Hsoong travel leader and travel to TAUNGOOO, which takes about six hour and another 1.5 hour to Pho Kyar Resort. Watch the surroundings of the resort until supper. Accommodation at Pho Kyar Resort. The elephant bathes and rides in the woods after breakfast.

Trek to the elephant camp. Encounter the elephant coaches and experience their lifestyle. Accommodation at Pho Kyar Resort. Back to Yangon after having lunch. The itinerary may change according to flight, roads and room availabilities.

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