Pho Kyar Elephant Camp Myanmar

Pho Kyar Elephant Camp Myanmar

Shweedagon Pagoda and National Museum give a short picture of Myanmar. Been to elephant camp near Taikkyi - Myanmar Forum Its Ye Forestry Camp is a few driving lessons from Taungoo, it has cottages so you can spend the night there, it is about 10 times as big as Taikkyi Tshp & Shwe daung Ngwe Daung village is again a few driving lessons away. A lot of doubts that you will be able to spend the night in the town without previous permission, you may also need some kind of permission for the wood camp, sound as if you almost certainly would have to rent the offices of a leader.

This camp is not for the tourist, it is a camp where you can see what they have been deliberately educated to do. The Beauty Guesthouse in Taungoo is a good resource for the whole area, after all that the older, kind doctors in Yangon leave behind, but their families still run the show there.

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Early in the mornings, the chauffeur will meet you at your hotel in Yangon and take you to Taungoo. Then on to Pho Kyar Elephant Camp (about 4/5 hour driving from Yangon). {\a6} (On the way, dinner at the locals restaurant). Arrival at Elephant Camp in the afternoons. Watch elephants bathe and wash in the brook near Mahouts.

Ride an elephant in the woods and watch wood felling and elephant extraction in Myanmar. At night return to Taungoo. Return to Yangon after having arrived at the lodge. On the way you will have your own lunches at the restaurants. After your arrive in Yangon, you will be transferred directly to your accommodation.

Poh Kyar Nature Elephant Camp

When you' re tired of Myanmar having been commercialised, you should go to a wild elephant camp not too far from Yangon. The elephant camp in Myanmar has two big names - Myaing Hay Won & Pho Kyar. Last December I went to Pho Kyar Elephant Camp.

Although we could only travel with 5 persons, we had reserved a 9-pers. This means that if you can assemble 9 persons, you only have to settle about 42 US$. Although it was about 4 ~ 5 hour driving, we spoke a lot and up in the van - Myanmar's IT structure was the majornote.

At about 4 o'clock in the morning we arrived at the camp. They said that we wanted to go on a trek and they assured us that they would let us know when it would happen. After an elephant coach under his leadership, we searched for an elephant. Disappointingly, his mates had been in the woods since about 3am (Why didn't you tell us earlier!?!!!) So we found the lil' elephant pretty fast (I estimate less than 1 hour) and had no way to go further, but it was funny enough!

We had a short buffet in a very small store near by and talked to the former woodsman. When we could see the elephant and he told us how the camp was kept entertained. We had a short buffet at a very small, near-by stand and came up to the young boss and asked him when the bulls would show.

There was no clue which ministers he would be, but I was angry because I thought all these guys would need V.I.P. care. In fact, this secretary and her wife and daughter were very kind and asked us to feed them elefants. I' ve purchased some small elephant statues for my mates.

Then we saw the elephant bathe and show him They were so charming and lovable that they sunk their elephant master into the bath. It'?s showers, kids. At last it was elephant ridingýtime. It had made me uncomfortable because I thought they would be hard to handle, but since I didn't want to miss the switch, I did!

While the elephant rides we talked to the elephant mastership. Since not many visitors are there, there is no possibility for them to do side business. So is the drive. The elephant masters' homes must be in such places. That boy watched him horseback on the elephant because he might think it was a lot of pleasure to see these guys.

We drove back to Taungoo after about 40 min. to have our luncheon, visited a pitot and eventually went back to Yangon. It' 10,000 Ks for locals for elephant riding, elephant show, photography and all that stuff.

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