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Disputed Philippine official's Guam trip cancelled

Editorial note: This history has been revised to reflect Sen. Dennis Rodriguez Jr.'s Saturday in response to the criticisms of the former Philippine Director General Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa's recent appointment. Earlier this week, the officer who spearheaded the heavily criticised drug conflict of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, which resulted in several thousand extrajudicial murders, visited Guam.

The former Philippine police chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa, now general manager of the Philippine Bureau of Corrections, is a particular visitor of Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr., D-Dededo, a candidat. In honour of the Philippine Freedom in Guam, Rodriguez hosted Dela Rosa. Roderguez had originally planned Dela Rosa for a Saturday am meeting to legislation, but cancelled it Friday dark aft Senator Telena Nelson criticised Dela Rosa's meeting.

When Rodriguez informed her of a possible formal call from an undisclosed Philippine security officer, Nelson said her agency would agree to work with Rodriguez's agency wherever possible. After being informed about the Philippine officer in dispute, she said to Rodriguez that this trip had sent the false message," no - do not take pictures," Nelson said in a Friday evening declaration.

After Nelson's criticisms, several senior members of the senate withdrew from the meeting, Rodriguez said on Saturday mornings. He said he had cancelled the formal call because he "refuses to give such kind attention to one of President Duterte's best advisers". Politeness stretched to the legislature is not necessary to Dela Rosa's visit, said the Senator.

What is important is that "hundreds of Guamese are anxious to see him and talk to him during his Saturday and Sunday show. "Whilst I am applauding Sen. Nelson for her position on fundamental freedoms before we examine Gen. Dela Rosa, who is our visiting doctor, we should perhaps take a look at the abuses of fundamental freedoms that are taking place here at home, over which her commission is overseeing," Rodriguez said in a text to the Pacific Daily News on Saturday mornings.

"The best time to talk about this is after our visitor has left the Isle to make sure he is dealt with the Fa Ada' idol for which we are known," Rodriguez said. He has hosted Dela Rosa and organized a Sunday meal with members of the group. Dela Rosa, the country's head of policing, headed the Duterte government's action against illicit drug trafficking, which has been internationally condemned by humanitarian organisations and other groups.

Duterte Rosa had said he is willing to face any charges related to him on Duterte's drugs battle, a review on Philippine-based GMA News Online says.

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