Philippine Embassy

Filipino Embassy

Embassy of the Philippines in Great Britain. These are the diplomatic missions of the Philippines. Filipino Embassy in Washington, D.C..

Recipients of documents, certificates and services at the British Embassy in Manila. The Moovit offers you the best routes to the Philippine Embassy by public transport.

Filipino Embassy London (

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Filipino Embassy in Great Britain, consular office, telephone number in London

The Philippine Embassy in London, one of the cornerstones of the Philippine Foreign Service, is committed to providing prompt and effective assistance to the approximately 250,000 Philippine citizens in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland..... Some of the consulting section's range of activities include: It is in close contact with the UK Consulate and Immigration Office in relation to the large number of Filipinos in the UK.

The Embassy's Department organises dialogue and meeting with the Philippine community in London on issues of interest and interest to our national population. In addition, the Embassy's Konsular Section carries out a number of outside London ambassadorial clearance operations to provide Philippine citizens with a better understanding of their work.

Issuing a Philippine Permit is in fact only one type of permit to travel to the Philippines. Filipino nationals are still required to undergo regular migration controls at the point of arrival. Filipino migration officials have the power to issue or refuse permission. UK, British, Irish and/or Islandic nationals may travel and reside in the Philippines for 30 consecutive nights without a UK, Ireland or Islandic travel permit, provided they have a current ticket to either their home or nearest point of transit and their travel passes are for at least 6 month beyond their planned Philippine sojourn.

Accessible candidates can submit requests during embassy workhours. It usually will take two to three working day to apply for a provisional visitors?visa. It can take one to two month to process requests that require a permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Manila. Embassies are entitled to refuse requests that are not backed up by adequate documentation standards.

Once the requests have been submitted, notifiers will be informed when the completed passes are available for pick-up. The embassy can send the passport to the requesting party on presentation of a stamped return cover with its own address. The following card shows where the Philippine Embassy / Consulate in Great Britain, London, is situated.

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