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Myanmar and Pha

Kyaikhto Thaton Pha An. In the early morning departure from Yangon to Pha-An, the capital of Karen State, via Thaton. Locate hotels in Hpa An, Myanmar.

Myanmar City Star - Mawlamyaing & Hpa-An

In the early hours of the day depart Yangon for Pha-An, the Karen state capitol, via Thaton. Shortly before Thanlwin Bridge, stop at the Kawgoon caverns, adorned with works of art from the seventh centuary. Arrival in Pha-An and, if available, an afternoon sightseeing trip to the Shweyinmyaw Pongo on the Thanlwin River. Keep driving on the ring roads of two cabin mound to reach Eindu before you reach Marlamyaing.

On the way you can see Saddam's Calcareous and Khayonegu Caves, the Calcareous Caves, preserved with many Buddha pictures, statalactites and storagmites. Arrival in Dawlamyaing in the afternoon. Accommodation in Zawlamyaing. Travel to Mudon to see the stunning world's biggest lying Buddha picture and the close by panoramic view. Return to movlamyaing.

At night visiting the Kyaikthanlan Peak and viewpoint on the top of the mountains. Accommodation in Mawlamyaing. Back to Yangon over Myanmar's longest crossing over the Thanlwin River. Arrival in Yangon in the afternoon. Please feel free to get in touch with us for your individual needs, e.g. to make an extra trip to the Myawaddy/Mae Sot Thai frontier instead of returning to Yangon, for our support in making reservations for accommodation and flight home to Myanmar or other options before and after your trip.

It' a small, vibrant and welcoming city, situated 270 km from Yangon across a river from the Thanlyin River (Myanmar part of the Salween River). Main attractions in the area are Pha An's emblem Mount Zwekabin (722 metres above see level), Kawkun Cave (a holy site with tens of thousand Buddha paintings and a concealed art galleries of the seventh century situated 8 nautical miles southern of Pha An) and Kyauk Kalap (a single pillar of rocks protruding from a lake), and Saddan Cave (a stunningly large cave with many Buddha paintings inside).

After Rangoon and Mandalay, it is the 4th biggest town in Myanmar, the capitol and biggest town of the state Mon and the most important trade centre and sea port in the southeast of Myanmar. Located at the Thanlwin ( Salween ) River estuary, 300 kilometers southeast of Yangon. Mawlamyaing' principal tourist feature is the Kyaikthanlan Pagoda, also known as Kipling's Pagoda.

Pagoda 150 meter high with a view of the city center is the highest building in the city. Constructed in 875 AD, it is said to worship the Buddha's reliquary ofhairs. Myanmar's most striking feature is the 3333 metre Thanlwin Brigde, the longest highway and railway viaduct in Myanmar, which stretches across the Thanlwin (Salween) river.

Another great tourist destination 20 kilometers southwards of the city is the Win Sein Taw Ya Pagoda, the biggest lying Buddha picture in the canyon. In the pagoda there are many rooms with a diorama of the Buddha's teaching. It' the biggest lying Buddha picture in the whole wide open space. Situated 64 kilometers southwards of Murlamyaing in the state of Mon of Myanmar, it is known for the Thai-Burmese dead train, which connects to the pre-war Ye and Rangoon coast line built during the Second World War by Japan's occupying forces.

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