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The Scentage of the Turtle Valley and Cape Town visit the historical centre of St. Petersburg and related monument groups at the UNESCO Valley of Haznált Elnevezé. The cultural and cultural events of the 1990s and UNESCO Világörökség lists ájára at the website of the UNESCO. In the past, the most important events in the history of the baroque era and the classical classics of ritualism have always been the history of rock art, culture and music.

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A further issue (3 actually), we wanted to go by hovercraft from the Ermitage to Petrovorec and then by mini bus back to the Avtovo subway stop. Is there a bus service from Petrodvorec to Avtovo? {\a6} (we wanted to see this subway stop because it should be beautiful).

The Avtovo subway stop is interesting, as are Pusjkinskaya and Plosjtjad Vosstaniya. On the other hand, underground connectors should go to Moscow, where the train stops are more beautifully ornamented than in Petersburg. I' ve been told that it' s okay, but I am leaving it to others to commented on.

This will be taken over by the hotels, even if you do not have to make a formal reservation. Anyway, just let the pass go to the motel, that's the rule. They' re inexpensive means of transport connecting areas that are not equipped with underground, frequent coaches will be much better and less expensive.

Consider a normal 5-7 car with 12-15 small chairs and a slidegate. There is a Peterhof railway station, as well as buses (350, 351, 352 and 356) returning to Avtovo Metro on their way to Baltisky station. You can get off near Avtovo to see it if you wish.

Counseling that it is the legal requirement to keep your visa at the accommodation is incorrect, you keep this with you and hand in your immigration pass to the accommodation when you sign up, but you cannot, in the period you have since OVIR, take the visa and enrolment bureau only a few days a weeks.

Usually the motel would bring the request they fill out to OVIR and queue for ages, but that's not your job or your account. There was a computer system for several years that enabled hosts to input visas into the system directly at the reception, but this system was halted this year because there were too many scams by hoteliers asking for funds to pay for the registering of people coming from the avenue.

I didn't really mean the mountain pass would be kept. Well, what I mean is, don't fret - let the motel do what the bill says is necessary. Thank you Stanj and Baggen, you were very useful, although I am, to tell you the honest facts, a little puzzled about the railway or the busses back to Petrodvorec to the Avtovo subway stop.

It would be much simpler to take back the hull, but we wanted to see the Avtovo, Pushkinskaya and Ploshchad Vosstania underground stops on the way to Chernyshevskaya (the closest to Smolnyi Cathedral). As I understand that the railway goes to Baltiyskaya and does not go past the Avtovo subway station, my only options are coaches.

Where do the busses depart from Petrodvorec, they depart on a regular basis and the nearest coach terminal is easily found? and where do they depart from us (in front of the Avtovo subway station??). Can you also tell us where the hull boat will arrive in Petrodvorec and if it is easier to get to the castle and the garden from there?

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