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SS Peteu, D Emerson, RM Worden. Sabin Cristian Peteu's latest tweets (@PeteuSabin). pitch tax Virgisson, a quaint city in the French Saône-et-Loire, was once home to the Peteu. Peteu would soar from Solutré rock to Vergisson rock in quest of booty. These peteu swallowed flocks of lambs, swine, goats, cattle, oxen, and their wagons!

The Peteu's wickedness never ended.

Émilien Protat organised a hunt to free Vergisson from the birdies' oppression. A small but brave group of men made their way to the rock of Solutré, where the Peteu was last seen. Peteu dropped to the floor, but he would have taken Émilien's skull off if he hadn't put his gun in his lips and shot him.

Triumphantly, the fighters went back to Vergisson to have their quarries picked and toasted. Just think of her astonishment when the peteu, without springs, did not weigh more than fouroz! A. (1888) Le P'teu ou L'Esiau de Vregesson Qu'ere one beard Faramine. Protat, G. (1966) Le Peteu de Vergisson ou la Bête Faramine.

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Peroxynitride (ONOOOO(-)) is an important active substance that is involved in a variety of pathophysiologic states and thus arouses enormous interest in the evaluation of its function as an oxidizing substance in vitro. Several of the peroxy nitrite assays are used for fluorescence sensor oxidations, EPR spectrometry, chemistry luminescence, immune histochemistry and sensor nitriding; however, due to their intrinsic complexities, they are more complex to perform real-timequantifications.

Peroxynitride electrochemistry is a more simple and comfortable method, but to the best of our understanding, there are few studies to date that investigate its electrochemistry or report peroxynitride using microsensors. Recently we published a report on the use of laminated poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) and hemine (iron protoporphyrine IX) laminates as a plate for the peroxy nitrite amperometry measurements.

It is the principal objective to study the intrainsic catalysis of hemin-electrolytically polymerized thin layers on hydrocarbon electrode in the oxide determination of peroxynitride. Electocatalytic peroxynitride oxidisation is characterised by periodic voltageammetry. Corresponding to the peroxynitride concentrations, the catalyst flow rose, whereby the maximum voltage shifts positive with the concentrations of the peroxynitrites.

Catalysis efficiencies declined with increasing scanning rates and the maximum level of catalyst oxidization was dependent on pH. In this study we show that optimised hemin-functionalised hydrocarbon probes can be used as easy targets for the identification and quantitation of peroxin nitrite. In an electroanalytic study of this substance on haemin film, we reported on dose-response amperometric analysis and contrasted the intrainsic hemin-catalytic function with its power in the case of PEDOT haemin as a compound matrices.

Lastly, we are including some work that extends the use of basic haeminofilms to determine peroxynitride on microfibre carbons in a fluid system.

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