Naked Peterbald is an athletic cat breed that looks like an air ballet when she plays. The cattery list was created by Peterbald cat comes from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Peterbald is a cat full of personality and charm. They are gentle, peaceful, curious, smart and energetic hairless cats.

Peter Bald Cat Breed information, purchase advice, photos, facts and figures

Peterbald is a relatively new race of small to medium-sized kittens, the first of its kind was raised in Russia in 1993. Peterbald is a slender, sleek and charming female who inherits many of her characteristics from her pedigree, namely the bare Don Sphynx and the grace of the Eastern Shorthair and Siamese males.

These are slim females with beautiful almond-shaped and large bat-like heads. It has a thin, whip-like tail and graceful rounded feet, which means it can hold and grip items, as well as doormats. Peterbald's can survive for 10 years or more if well cared for. It originated in St. Petersburg, Russia, when a bay jackfish was raised in 1993 by Don Sphynx named Afinguen Mythos with an oriental tortoise shell named Radma Vom Jagerhof.

Their descendants were very loved in St. Petersburg, where these bald kittens quickly became known as the Petersbalds. But a new blood line emerged when more humans began to cross Peterbalds with Don Sphynx, orientally shorthair and Siamese. Peterbald was recognized as a race by the Selectional Feline Federation (SFF) in 1996 with the acronym PBD.

In 1997 the kennel was admitted to the International Cat Association (TICA) and received the acronym PD. The World Cat Federation (WCF) adopted the race in 2003 and gave it the acronym PBD. The other acronyms of the race are PTB, PD and PSX. Peterbald's modern tends more to Eastern and Thai people.

Peterbald's are extreme elegance and slender, charming yet muscle building kittens. It has long, thin head with long, flat profiles and attractive almond-shaped skulls. Races of male weighs between 8 and 10 pounds, with the female weighs only between 6 and 8 pounds.

Peterbald's have a very cute nature and are known for being loving, calm and yet very curious. Peterbald loves the sounds of their own voice and likes to let their owner know when they are lucky when they are purring very loud. It is a very socially -minded dog and usually gets along well with other cat and pet breeds.

Peterbald's bald pets need to be bathed regularly to avoid fat or soiling. A few kittens need to have their cocks cleaned every morning to avoid the formation of comedones. However, it is usually only once a week that Peterbalds need to take a dip and then just wipe every single wipe with soft towels every where.

During the summer, Peterbald must be protected from the sun, as they are very light. Peterbald have a higher metabolic profile than other kittens, which means that they have higher physical temperature, about 40-41°C. Catteries are still permitted to raise Don Sphynx with Peterbald but this is generally prevented as it can be very problematic with a high death rat.

Balding cats need to be cared for in a very specific way. If you like Peterbald's, click'I like it'.

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