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Purchase and sell bitcoin in Myanmar immediately. The perfectmoney companies and services in Myanmar. Imperfect bills end up on the black market. For small denominations, the exchange rate is lower and only perfect money is accepted. Very recommendable for those who don't want to spend too much money on a hotel.

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Can I make a transfer via credit card? After checking, go to the "Deposit" section and click on the button..... "Money Order" options. When the page opens, browse to the type of credit transfer you wish to make and type in the amount to be paid. Now you have to fill in the following information and click on "Preview".

You will then be prompted to review all the information you enter, select the Certified Exchange Service Providers and the Certified Exchange Service Providers from the Partner Lists and click "Submit". A Certified Exchange Service Providers is an exchange service that processes your money order. Please consult the Certified Exchange Service Providers you have selected to handle your transaction.

Please note: It is obligatory to enter the bill number specified by the system in the comment for your transfer. I can' t get the banking information immediately. Perfect Money does not directly handle payment. These transactions are conducted by accredited brokerage firms chosen by a single person. Every certificated stock market services company has its own banking account, so that it is available after your request has been processed.

Which is the minimal amount for a credit card payment? For how long does it take to make a money transaction via a local banking institution? Remittances by credit card usually take 3 to 5 working day. Your money will be added to your balance as soon as we have received the money from your local banking institution.

Where can I make a money transfer from? You will find the country lists under "Deposit by Money Transfer" in the "Deposit" section. There is no charges for transfers, but beneficiaries may be charged a service fees. If I do not receive a credit within 5 business day of making my payment, what should I do?

You will need to inform the Certified Exchange Service Providers you have selected to handle your order. Verify that the name of the account corresponds to the name you entered in your money-transfers. Is it possible to make a partial payment through several transfers? Exactly the amount you specified when placing your order must be transferred.

Otherwise, you may experience difficulties identifying your payment. How can I see my payment requests by direct debit? You will find your request in the "Deposit" section if it was recently submitted and no other activities have taken place in your balance. In addition, you will regularly be sent periodic post alerts to your email addresses and accounts.

You will receive your job offer and be redirected to the Certified Exchange Service Providers within 24h. As soon as your enquiry is submitted and dealt with, all your billing information will be sent to you if there are no doubts about your purchase. If for any particular occasion the Certified Exchange Service Providers does not handle your claim, they will forward it to your chosen Certified Exchange Service Providers.

When it is able to handle the request, you will be given the banking information for the wire remittance. The system sends you a refusal if it is not able to handle the request. Default turnaround times are 24hrs for each of the Certified Exchange Service Provider.

Tracking the progress in the "Deposit" section or checking your regular emails and inboxes. Where and how can I get the banking information for a wire-transfers? When your payment request changes to "confirmed", you should fund the specified amount to your specified balance. Your banking information will be sent to your inbox and the registered postal adress.

You will also find this information in your approved job applications. If I make a fund transfer to my account, why should I choose a Certified Exchange Service Providers? We only process payments from within Perfect Money. Payments are handled by our Certified Exchange Service Suppliers.

Might I specify a Certified Service Providing Partner? In some cases, the Certified Exchange Service provider may not handle a user's request for various reason. Prior selection of a Certified Exchange Service Supplier minimizes the risks of possible delays. When I choose two Certified Exchange Services vendors, do I have to make a payment to both?

No. You will only be billed by the supplier processing your job offer. Is it possible to make a direct transfer to the Perfect Money System? Only Certified Exchange Services will perform this operation.

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