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is in Lanmadaw, Myanmar. The perfect picture address, phone number, e-mail, reviews and photos. Download the perfect images of the Yangon region Myanmar Burma. Transforms light into perfect colour. QLED TV's strong red flower image on the screen has only one bezel.

A perfect picture

Perfect Image Co. was founded in November 2000 in Yangon, Myanmar. The Remanufacture range of toner cartridges is specialised in the production and distribution of Remanufacture toner cartridges, specialising in the servicing of printers and copiers.

While our land has developed, the need for our recorders, toner cardridges and recorders is growing across the country....en. In line with the growing market requirements, we always take great pains to provide our service, support, prices and quality of our product in order to gain more reliability and recommendations from our clients.

We have tried to get more referrals from our specific clients, such as banking, domestic and foreign businesses, federal departments and general services providers. We will try to achieve a higher standing and broad acceptance with all my clients. The Perfect Image Trading Co. wants to be the forerunner of the Remanufacture toner cartridge.

The Thingyan Festival in April: A perfect month for a weekend trip to Myanmar

Thingyan begins the Myanmar County - an old tradition at the turn of 1379. Thingyan, which means verbatim "transit", heralds the beginning of Burma's New Year celebration, which is held with a week-long aquatic feast from April 13 to 17. The Thingyan is the perfect place for visiting Myanmar.

Thingyan celebrates Myanmar's wealthy literary and patrimonial legacy over four to five nights. It' also the best way to get up close to the warm and fun-loving natural surroundings of the area. The Thingyan Festival bears buddhistic rites in a civilization so intimately linked to it. Before Thingyan, believing Buddhists only need to take a lunch before lunch.

It is also a period during which the holidays are observed. Throughout the land, charity and sacrifices are offered in convents and fragrant waters are cast in ceremony laundry on Buddha pictures. On the following few sunny and sunny nights we are looking forward to the Wasserfest. A further frequent view on the Myanmar roads during the festival is tossing waters.

In Myanmar, Thingyan is the only place where it is completely tolerable to shower each other every four nights, from dawn to dusk. This is the peak of the year when local people and tourists spray their own and others with tubes, spray guns or other equipment.

In order to motivate international travelers to participate in the activity during the forthcoming Thuringyan vacation, Myanmar Tourism Marketing plans to establish a Yangon venue from April 12-16, 2017, where travelers can participate in the funnywaterparty. It' t'time to get your plane ticket!

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