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Myanmar: People in Need

After growing up under an authoritarian regime, young people in Myanmar now have the opportunity to participate in their country's future. One billion people worldwide live in extreme poverty. The refugees who have escaped persecution in Myanmar, making the area the densest refugee population in the world. Rendering support may be required to display the Burmese font correctly in this article. Burma must find the best way to reconnect to the world economy through investment, trade and human flows.

Disadvantaged people help people who survive the Rakhine attack and those who have fled to Bangladesh.

In Myanmar, several hundred thousand people were displaced during the violent outbreaks, and lost their homes, all their property and any opportunity to return home in the nearhood. A lot of people who stayed in the southwestern part of the countryside are imprisoned in their communities without having direct market or healthcare or human rights support.

"is one of the few charitable organizations working here. Since September 1625 people in need - more than 8000 people - have benefited from our collaboration with our partner in the state.

Unfortunately, the situa-tion will not improve and the fugitive crises remain, so we need your help," says Petr Drbohlav, director of the Myanmar Pinn Program. In Bangladesh, the huge and fast flow of migrants has led to a human rights war. There is a shortage of even the most elementary needs of tens of millions of people in shelters.

There are refugee centres crowded and there is no place for displaced people to go anywhere else; there is no secure way back. Throughout the world, tens of millions of people, often the older generation and women with kids, rely entirely on outside help," says V?ra Exnerová, local manager of Pe Asia. In Myanmar, the company has been operating since 2012.

Following the escalating fighting in the state of Rakhine, PIPN began providing humane assistance to the most needy - especially those who are female, child and sick. Humans from 15 affected communities in northern Rakhine state have been provided with essential foods and sanitation needs. "The people on the ground were entirely reliant on humanity.

Those most at risk were fed to get through the worse years. Entire towns were devastated and burnt down during the riots. The majority of the northern Rakhine Sate buildings have been demolished. Native kids who struggle to cope with their trauma have no way of getting an educational background. More than 850 kids from two communities will be provided with educational materials - handbags, notebook computers and crayons.

Disadvantaged people also help people who have escaped to neighboring Bangladesh. People who have been compelled to evacuate their houses with almost nothing, sometimes with their clothing on their back. The unsanitary situation in the crowded refuges is predicted to cause an outbreak of hunger, Ruhr and other illness.

Those most at risk, especially mothers and young mothers, are more at risk of home and sexually assaulted, marriage among children, enforced sex offenders and traffic in people. Co-workers from the PeN and a partnership organization help the displaced persons to recognise and represent their needs, especially the most vulnerable children and adolescents, so that they can look after their own security and security and maintain refugee status in a difficult world.

iN and its partners work with groups of men, young men, young men and young men to help them avoid and react to the many threats in the refugee camps and to protect their homes and societies. Supported financially by PriN, the groups are able to select and develop practicable ways of improving camp facilities, such as the addition of castles or light in lavatories or the protection of bathing areas for woman.

An enormous flow of displaced people is also a burden on the communities that were already poor. "Prison terms in the asylum camp are dire. Marek ?tys, head of PiN's human rights programs, who came back from Bangladesh a fortnight ago, describes: "The whole area is being severely deforested, including of course the surrounding area.

Entrance routes to the warehouses are either submerged or transformed into mudflows. A further obstacle is that due to the shortage of storage spaces in the camp, many lodgings have been constructed on sheer hillsides and can be eradicated by landslides. Much of the camp will be out of reach.

If, moreover, a hurricane strikes the area, we could face a major human catastrophe," he added. Supporting people in need for victims of violent conflict in Myanmar and Bangladesh is possible thanks to the generosity of the Friends of People in Need Club. The people in need thank them all for their help.

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