Penguin Colony

Penguin Colony

The world' s largest colony of king penguins sinks by 90%. Scientists hadn't been to the isolated isle for 30 years, when there were 500,000 spawning couples. From now on, sat imagery may only show 60,000 couples. According to a new survey, after three decade-long periods in the open, a huge colony of queen pguins has already suffered the loss of 90 per cent of its people.

This colony of 500,000 brood couples, long regarded as the biggest of the world's royal gentooons, inhabited the Île aux Cochons (or, less elegant, Pig Island), a less elegant area of France in the Crozet Islands in the South Indian Ocean between South Africa and Antarctica. However, the censuses have not been personally enumerated since 1982, the last time the explorers were here.

At the end of 2016, the scientists took off in a chopper and saw significantly fewer pinguins than anticipated. On the basis of three decade-long observations, the scientists have since discovered that there are only 60,000 brood couples remaining on the isle. Like other penguin populations in parts of Antarctica, the research group believes that the effects of global warming could play a part.

However, it is possible that competing for natural and man-made resources, disease and relocations has caused demographic loss. Scientists are planning to be on the isle, but they can't get there until the end of autumn 2019 at the earliest, because of the costs and the schedule, said Dr. Weimerskirch, research manager of the Chizé Centre for Biological Studies at the French National Centre for Scientific Research.

Pig Island is not easily accessible as a conservation area and the wildlife cannot be seen from the waters because the colony is located in the interior, he said. When the investigation investigation from equipment representation, it would significantly decrease the international group of sovereign aguins, estimated at 1. 5 large integer to 1. 7 large integer gathering family intercontinental with this sum.

After emperors, kings are the second-biggest. Royal phoenguins are leaving their young and swimming southwards to search for schools of octopus and octopus in the Arctic Ocean sea, where cool, shallow sea blends with more moderate one. While all the penguin royal settlements in the Southern Indian Ocean were suffering this year, the Possession Island population was recovering rapidly and the scientists believed that the colony had also recovered on Pig Island, Dr Weimerskirch said.

It is not clear why the colony has not recovered. Dr. Weimerskirch said the potentials cover some kind of infections or parasites that only affect wild beasts on this isle; carnivores such as wild felines that destroy cavies; or, perhaps there was so much rivalry for resources in the huge colony that only the strongest creatures could survive. Weimerskirch said that there were no other species that could do this.

Several of the creatures may have moved from Pig lsland, which is about 26 sq. mls ( "about the magnitude of Manhattan"), Dr. Weimerskirch said. Said the crew discovered a small colony on a near-by islet that didn't existed in the 80s. However, there are only a few ten thousand brood couples - not nearly as many as have been destroyed - and it is not simple for the migrating cubs.

According to Emiliano Trucchi, an evolutionist at the University of Ferrara in Italy, who is also studying kings in the Crozet Islands, he was upset by the news. Works that Dr. Trucchi and his collegues released at the beginning of the year raise issues about how royal pinguins would deal with the global warming caused by climatic changes.

By 2100, his prediction was that the Crozet penguin would have lost their habitats and would be compelled to move or dy. Dr Trucchi said that a topical issue like what is going on on Pig Island could accelerate their demise. In a previous release of this paper, a misrepresentation between Royal and Imperialinguins was made.

After emperors, royal pguins are the second biggest in height, not in populations. with the headline:

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