Cafe Pegu Club - 388 pictures & 924 votes - Lounges - 77 W Houston St, SoHo, New York, NY - restaurant ratings - phone number - menu Admittedly, my experiences may have been different since I was at Easter, when not many folks were outside, but it wasn't overcrowded at all and the services were very kind. Ricky, the barkeeper, not only prepared the tasty beverages on the menue, but also created inventive coctails to my taste.

It was disappointing that some of the " snack " menus were out of stock so early the night before. But the only thing I did is dock a badge, because the services were under rated and the lack of options was a big disappointment.

I wish you just for a drink and a funky atmosphere. The barkeepers were also unbelievably distracted. When we had supper in the area, we were not quite finished the evening, my boyfriend told us about this place, so we thought we should stop by. After a short stroll, since we needed it after supper, we came here, happy that the place was not overcrowded and went to the front area.

Beverages we went with the earl gray MarTEAni.... this is a very interesting beverage it is hearl gray Infused it, ging, lime juices & crude protein quite delicious & gives you a very beautiful buntz as for the place very relaxed atmosphere, poorly illuminated, good play together with very beautiful cozy seat.

One thing we have in all of the bookstories seems to be the quality of our services, which doesn't seem to be so great for some of us, provided we were just here to drink. Enjoying our beverages & our free times. Beautiful, sumptuous, with a spakeasy feeling & ambience, Pegu provides on many different tiers.

When we arrived early in the afternoon, we had the best seats to choose from, but it was almost overcrowded. Well-known for its imaginative handicraft coctails, the piquant was the one that caught my eyes because it was tasty. Beautiful aromatic thrill. There was also a restricted meal and we tasted the crunchy calamari (with a chicotle mayo) and the scallops (only 2).

To sum up, Pegu can house any opportunity - a date, a party, a cosy get-together or a party. The atmosphere of Pegu is vague Indo-Chinese....with an abundance of wood carvings and an Asian-inspired snackset. There is a ripe and hot atmosphere, but don't wait for it to be can get quite noisy during the course of the game.

They are also friendly and competent about the drinks, and the barkeepers are listening to my tastes - e.g., I always ask to make my favourite drink spicier...and they always bring up the temperature :) So I' m sure it was a lot calmer than on the weekend.

Beverages are pricey; your average NYC prices: $16/cocktail, but were unbelievable. Ideal for happily hours or pre-dinner beverages and food. They' re known for their characteristic cocktails like the Pegu Club and Earl Grey Marteani, which is a favourite and one of the best in town.

There is a cosy upper floor pub inside, beautifully obscure and cosy. Have a few of your best buddies with you and have a great launch into your new year. It is a high range hotel with fantastic surroundings and beverages. Beautiful earl grey martini - this beverage really talks to my spirit. It' the ideal blend of liqueur and pearl grey with cream.

If you are looking for a well-prepared drink, Pegu is a great place in Southho. Following a get-together with a few of my best mates in a place that was far too noisy to talk to, a pal of mine proposed Pegu for a drink. He had a pleasant atmosphere, was very stylish and the barkeepers reacted and took the liberty to produce above-average and speakeasy-like sipes.

The beverages were good, but not particularly extraordinary for the prize. EARL. GRAY. I' ve had some failures lately for a really blended coctail, but unfortunately you've met my needs. Cool, upmarket place to have a beverage before or after a meal in the evening. and we got around the block around 9:15 on a Saturday evening before 10:00.

We' ve ordered the Jamaican firefly and a gray geese marty. Then the barman took our order and handed it over to one of two barkeepers who made all the beverages. Barkeepers are really kind and kind. But I really like Gu Gu. I' ve come a few nights to have a drink, and it's pretty crowded, but not overcrowded.

Beverages are at New York's traditional lounges rates. When you are not sure what to talk to the bartender, they will let their spell work. It' has a spakeasy Vibe to it, tense component for a day or a composure helping. Beverages and mixed studies are astonishing. Your beverage list contains a selection of special beverages that are available every day, while the other side is a summer offer.

I' m having an apple-ginger-toeddy and it was definitely a little too potent for an early night drinking, but I'll have a big one every night. The most beverages cost $15 each and a good number of them just sounds good. There' s a few sweets on the meal list, but most folks seem to be there for a quickie or two.

Its furnishings are beautiful and open, the place is illuminated warm and everything you can find here was great pleasure. So you can get dressed up for date nights or get dressed up to meet up with your buddies, that works either way! The Pegu Club is a noisy bar/lounge in Soho.

Took 30 mins to clean their beverages and water. You know, the menus had good ones if you picked the right one. I' ve got the grey martini and K' the after midnight. Both of us were enjoying our particular drinks: mine was flavorful and acidic and K's had mescal and soft after-taste, thanks to the beers chasers.

The water was always full, but the waiter didn't come back to see if we liked our beverages or if we wanted someone else. This is a very spotty/inconsequent experience for a very overcrowded Saturday evening. A lot of guests went to the cafe to get their own beverages. I' ll come back on the day of the week.

The group was quite cool and shrank during the course of the evening. A few benefactors of the club had too much to Drink, and a visitor went into the ornamental fence near the stairs.

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