The Pegu Club The Pegu Club is no unknown name in the world' s 50 best nightclubs line-up and its line-up is thanks to Audrey Saunders, the world' premier of cocktails. It has been around since 2005 and is on the shortlist as a place that has inspire many other caterers. It is proud to do everything right - that means pressing daily new juice, making potions and teas and even sell bitter, because "everyone complains about their unavailability".

The Pegu Club is also known for fixing the ices, and this has prompted some "tenders" to take notice of what Saunders and her crew are doing. There' s also a humble, Asian-inspired meal that prevents the drinker from'accidentally falling into the eye due to a shortage of food'. But as Saunders himself says: "You just have to come and see for yourself what we do."

The PUNCH | Pegu Club

It' a Brit classics from the Colonies. Colonizing their way through mainland Asia in the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries, the Brits established outskirts for the unpredictable discoverers of their empire to create a civilised meeting place after a long conquest was over. Every one of these boys' associations had its own ceremonies and drinkin' ceremonies, and the Pegu Club in Yangon, Myanmar, was at the centre of UK society in the 1920s.

His members, people of a past civic age, knew the town as Rangoon, Burma, and this beverage was their home toast. In 1927 the Pegu Club finally found its way into Harry's New York bars Harry MacElhone's Barflies and Cocktails and was further immortalised by Audrey Saunders' New York bars of the same name.

Put all herbs and spices into a Cocktailshaker. Drain into a refrigerated coupé or coctail-glas. Pegu Club is an extremly arid drink.

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