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Mawlamyine Hotel pearl white

The Pearl White Hotel Mawlamyaing, Mawlamyine. The Inle Cherry Queen Hotel is located in a prime location on Inle Lake and offers the opportunity to reach the city limits right on your doorstep. I have Pearl White in Myanmar, Mon, Mawlamyine. Mawlamyine hotels can be recommended for your reservation. You will stop at the Sawasdee Hotel to discover the wonders of Mawlamyine.

The Pearl White Hotel - Myanmar Hotel Booking Center 2017

The Pearl White Hotel, Marlamyaing... L/14,Myaynigone Q.,,Diamond Crown Hotel description: The Diamond Crown Hotel is a recognized hotel among Yangon's travellers, whether on a voyage of discovery or simply through the city. There is a total bill for a reasonable accommodation at the hotel. Wi-Fi Chargeless in all rooms, 24-hour safety, circular household management, photocopy, private.....

White Pearl Hotel Report, 1 St (behind Myaseesein Hotel), Myeik

It is run by a kind chiropractor ialis family and the situation is also favourable. You have an exquisite choice of clean, immaculate rooms: small, large, windows, no windows, communal bath, en-suite and so on, so see what choices are available before you choose. Useful is a large, light room with two large twin bed.

The shared baths seemed well maintained and the new air-conditioning and showers are effective. We' d like to see a few more blossoms as the White Pearl gets settled in the arena, but it's already a good choice on the bank. Sun christmas gift bath, low season: US$14, high rate US$14. Notes: The Dbl fans shared bath room, low season:

US$20, high rate US$20. Toilets, low season: US$25, high rate US$25. New Dbl en-suite A/C, low season: US$30, high rate US$30. Familiy room, low season: US$40, high rate US$40.

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Looking for a hotel in Mawlamyine? Mawlamyine Hotel can be recommended for your reservations. We' ve been to several places in Myanmar, as well as Mawlamyine, to select these properties and sign agreements so that we can offer you the best offers and low discounts. Or we can give you good advise about your trip to Mawlamyine from our own experiences.

Go and see Mawlamyine. Besides hotel reservations in Mawlamyine, we can also organise a drive from Yangon to Mawlamyine in an air-conditioned car. Have a look at our Mawlamyine route. For how many overnight stays would you like to stay at a Mawlamyine Hotel? On the banks of the Thanlwin riverbank near the Mawlamyine Brigde, the second longest viaduct in Myanmar.

24-hour power, warm and cool waters, mini-bar, Wi-Fi access, satellite TV. Situated in the center of Mawlamyine on the banks of the Thanlwin River at the intersection of Kyaikthoka Pagoda Road and Strand Road. This is the right place for you if you are looking for a respectable and reasonably priced hotel in Mawlamyine.

The hotel has a fully-equipped hotel with laundry and limousine facilities. It is now possible to travel from Yangon to Mawlamyine by traversing the Mawlamyine River Brigde, Myanmar's second longest one. Where' s Mawlamyine? Situated at the Thanlwin River estuary, Mawlamyine is well known for its gastronomic abilities.

Only a few hrs drive from Kyaikhtiyo "the gold rock" and Nwa La bo. Tourist also make a cruise on the Thanlwin riverbank to Mount Zwekabin in Hpa-an.

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