Pearl Island Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach Island of Pearls

Close to Pearl Island there are excellent snorkelling, fishing, swimming and relaxing opportunities on the picturesque island beach. Cruise to Pearl Island! Pearl Islands is a region in the Pacific off the coast of Panama. Just before the southern end of Ngapali Beach, Pearl Island is a popular destination. The Thande Beach Hotel, Ngapali Picture:

Cruise to Pearl Island! - Re-examplment of Ngapali Beach, Ngapali, Myanmar

Villager Lodge organizes a cruise to Pearl Island on request. It' a very thrilling journey and a beautiful ocean of beautiful blues and sands. The Ngapali Beach is fantastic, but come just before it merges into a Thai beach.

When you want a beach without people (in high season), no full sound technical noise, pure mineral waters, a clear beach, great accommodations right on the beach and cheap seafood, then move in quickly before it changes. There is no sound, no aquatic activities..... just ocean and sandy, oh and I mentioned that the watermel!

The Memento Spa End (the northern end) of the beach is the best and you don't need an A/C room as the air conditioning is good at noon. Visiting the island for the outing with Mr. Wara his first name is Kyaw Mya Win, he is fluent in English and is standing on the beach with a plaque near Ngapali Bay Estate on the northern side.

There were wonderful archipelago and snorkelling, and the sea food lunches were fantastic. $75 for two persons all included, we gave the two boatmen $5 each and they were overjoyed. Wonderful beach before it is built. I' m lucky enough to be living in a lovely part of the country known for its beach, but my wife and daughter and I still love Ngapali.

Unbelievably pure waters, amazingly hot and yet soothing. Yeah, smooth buffalo sands, tasty shellfish, kind souls. Make sure you know the whereabouts of your accomodation. Staying at your spa or walking to the beach or street cafes can make a big impact.

I added some pictures of the properties along this beach line to help those who are trying to find out where to sleep. Staying 4 overnight in Yoma Cherry (near a small fishermen village), we spent 3 overnight stays in Ngapali Bay Mansion and Spas (perfect position, no cliffs and light hike to everything).

84 new mansion square constructed next to Ngapali cove and Ngapali resort where Ngapali beach resort to fill, water is clear and hot above 25 degrees. Chalets and beach massage. It' lovely to go for a stroll on the beach. Further southwards, where the street ends, the beach is all bought by large international companies that wait for the street to go on and attract more people.

Love our stop here, great snorkelling, great beach, nice guys, big swells! Have you ever been to Ngapali Beach?

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