Pearl Island Ngapali

Ngapali Island of Pearls

Canoe to Pearl Island over the calm, clear waters and discover the wonders beneath the surface. A half-day trip aboard a sea kayak off Ngapali's coast is an opportunity to explore Pearl Island, just a few steps from Ngapali's sandy beaches. Snorkelling trips to the island are organised by most hotels. Thandwe, Ngapali Beach, Rakhine State, Burma. South of Ngapali, just off the coast, lies Pearl Island, a charming place where huge lobsters are served in a restaurant with sunroofs lining the beach.

Island of Pearls, Ngapali, Myanmar - ASIA

Despite what the name suggests, Pearl Island is no small pearl. but a little disillusioned with this courtesy to you. Depart at 9:00 am from the Ngapali beaches. Before we take the ferry to the fishing town ( (arrival at 9.45 am), we look around the ocean for 5 min. and have a rest.

It' about 40 mins to get to the island. Thought I' d be staying longer than in the mornings, but after 1:30 a.m. my 2-wire fishers will be urgent and say he has to go. It' a terrible beginning to explore the island and very overpriced. This island can be interesting: a sandbar with pebble stones and cliffs, crowded tourist ships paddling in the sea, snorkelling, having one or more beverages at the cafe.

3,000 kilo jar of juices while it cost 1,000 kilo on the Ngapali beaches.

Kayaking Ngapali - Discover Pearl Island in Myanmar (Burma)

Transfers from your Ngapali Beaches hotels to a calm section of beaches where your canoes are waiting for you. The kayak is ready for kayaking after a brief introduction to the use of the canoes. Slide over the calm, clear water to Pearl Island, an inhabited island in the Bay of Bengal.

When the coast of Ngapali disappears into the distant future, you will be able to experience the loneliness of the open ocean as you canoe. After enjoying the sight above the ocean, it's finally decided to see the miracles beneath the sands. Snaps and snorkels and masks and jumps onboard. Back to the kayak and continue paddling to Pearl Island, where you will dive onto the golden sands.

You can spend the whole of your days relaxing and enjoying this island paradise. Refresh and refuel, pack your paddles, get in your kayaks and make your way back to the shore. When you reach the country, your Ngapali experience ends with a shuttle to the lodge, which arrives in the afternoons.

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