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The leadership is not about the next election, but about the next generation. Humans never lie as much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election. One politician is thinking about the next election. People who cast the votes do not decide on an election, the people who count the votes do. "The free choice of lords does not abolish either the lords or the slaves.

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the main problem, because there are several - one of the many main issues in human governance is where you can do it; or rather, who can get humans to leave it to them.

"If you don't dial, you get the kind of governance you deserve." "When I tell you next I don't want someone from Texas to be president of the United States, please be careful."

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You will find below our compilation of inspiring, sage and funny old election quotes, election slogans and election slogans that have been gathered from various wells. "It'?s not a pageant. "Each choice is a kind of presale of theft. "The free choice of lords does not override the lords or the servants.

? The gain or loss of the election is less important than the empowerment of the state. "It is not the decision of the voters. It'?s the vote-consider who decides everything. "A choice is a morally horrible thing, as terrible as a struggle beyond warfare. A mudslide for every affected souls.

? The leadership is not about the next election, but about the next one. "Humans never tell lies as much as after a chase, during a battle or before an election. "This election could be reduced to a few voices. "The election isn't very far away if a contestant can see you across the road.

? There' s an election on the horizon. The world is proclaimed peaceful and the chestnuts have a genuine interest in extending the life of the slaughter. "The election belongs to the nation. "If you want to make an election, you need both hopes and boldness. "We have chosen a man who knows how to construct a wall when we need someone who knows how to do it.

? Electoral powers decide who is in government, but they do not do so. "In the case of an election, the tie is usually decisive. "In an election, you can't tell the result until you open the polls. "The aim of an election is to listen to the will of the nation and not to falsify it.

? Throughout an election battle, the atmosphere is full of breath. "The election is about the way forward. "You know, we merit choices we can rely on. "An election cannot give a nation a clear orientation if it has two or more political groups with different identities but similar principles and objectives to two beans in the same capsule.

? Election is an chance for a new agreement. "The right to vote is the nature of the state. "It would be banned if the election really did make a difference. "It is the human race that is at stake in this election. "Each choice is made by the folks who show up.

? Can' t have an election to lose without a struggle.

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