Paya ti Oo

Auntie Paya ti Oo

Intercultural harmony Last Wednesday's Paragon Cineplex visitor might have thought they were taken to a different planet as men and women, all in the stylish Myanmar costume, cut around the lobby and awaiting a patient glance at one of their favorite heroes. A prizewinning actress, Pyay Ti Oo, was in the city for a news briefing to present the first Myanmar Thai movie "TT & Donut", a romance that is likely to open a new era in Thailand's collaboration with its Westerner.

Funded by Myanmar's Golden Princess Video and Movie Production, the movie is shot by Adsajun Sattagovit, a Thai team. When Pyay Ti Oo played the affluent youngster Ti Oo or TT, who is visiting Thailand when he is charged with having kidnapped Donut (Chattarika Sittiprom, second in the Miss Thailand World 2014 competition).

This is the first cooperation between Golden Princess and the Thai giants of animation Bec Tero. He was looking for a Thai firm to work with, while Bec Tero wanted to develop his interests in Myanmar after successfully entering into a JV with Yangon-based multimedia firm and channel Forever Group.

The Forever BEC Tero, as the firm is called, is producing TV shows and plays for Myanmar's MRTV-4 and Channel 7. Of course, BEC Tero has a lot of film making expertise with the now extinct film Bangkok, making them the perfect partner. "I' d like to work with the Thailand crew.

We' have different working lifestyles and my goal is to show Myanmar viewers an angle they've never seen in a Myanmar movie," says Thet Lwin. While the Myanmar based producers are staffed with modern filmmakers, they do not have the necessary working expertise. "I' m very much struck by the Thai team.

In Myanmar, for example, one individual has to do a lot of work," he added. He has a lot of film making expertise and has worked with both the Thai Film Director Association and the Federation of National Film Associations of Thailand.

She says the trial was instigated by Myanmar. In her search for a filmmaker, she quickly chose Adsajun, who has many years of television and feature length acting expertise and has staged almost all genres, from the dramatic to the comedic and even erotic, in his latest feature length feature "Prommajan Suai Pan Sayong" ("Tiger Woman").

More than eighty percent of the material was filmed in Thailand. Shooting was finished last year and the movie has now happened to the censors in Myanmar and Thailand. Mr Piyanuch says that although the movie will be published here, it is primarily directed at Myanmar people.

But Thet Lwin is optimistic that the film will go well. "Myanmar audiences used to vote for a film based on its celebrities, but that has now changes. It is the most beloved of all genres, but the sector is still very small in comparison to Thailand," he says. About 40 to 50 films are shot in Myanmar every year, but only 15 to 20 of them have been shown so far.

Thailand has almost 1,000 cinemas, but Myanmar can only pride itself on 100, 70 to 80 of them in major towns such as Yangon and Mandalay. Piyanuch says BEC Tero is targeting the tens of thousands of people there. He' a super star and won many Myanmar cinemas.

Many Myanmar congregations across the nation will see the picture when it is released," she says. Financially, "TT & Donut" is regarded as a great budgeted feature for the Myanmar cinema sector and so the producers are looking forward to the results of their game.

And if the story is a success, he is hoping to make more of it with the Thailand based filmmakers. "I would really like to make a nightmare picture. Burma's terrible flicks don't have powerful ghosts like Thailand's, but we'll work on them and we' re hoping to do something as succesful as "Pee Mak Phra Khanong", which was a big success in Myanmar too," he says.

Since the opening of the land, several films with Myanmar contents have appeared. The experienced filmmaker Thanit Jitnukul made "Myanmar in Love" two years ago, which concentrated on the relation between a Thai and a Myanmar man working in Thailand. Published in a restricted edition, the movie leaves the theater without making a fuss.

One, the filming of Chatchai Katenut's dramatic romance "From Bangkok to Mandalay", which was shot entirely in Myanmar, will be premiered here on November 10.

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