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The definition of paya, plural paya or payas. Hey, Jon, I saw you in the bathroom, you made a PAYA. ???

? (Paya) means in English (??????? ?? ??? ??????) is GOT (????? ka matlab english me GOT hai). Paya translated from Merriam-Webster Spanish-English dictionary.

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The Paya is a traditionally nourishing product from the Indian subcontinent. Primary ingredient of the meal are the trotter (or hooves) of a cows, goats, buffaloes or ovine; boiled with different seasonings and sauces. Paya is the result of the fusion of South and Middle Eastern cuisines. She was known as Picha in asia.

It has been prepared by the chefs of the Muslims of the South Asia sub-continent. Paya has since become widespread throughout India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are also a number of places outside the sub-continent offering Southern Asia food. There are regional variations in the recipe for this meal. This boiled meal is accompanied by a side of freshly chopped slices of chopped gingerbread, long green cilantro, and onion.

On a low flame, it is boiled on the oven for a few hour (usually overnight). Today, however, it is usually boiled in a kettle. From a historical point of view, when humans used firewood or charcoal as food, the preparation of this meal started at midnight and slowly boiled it in the charcoal until noon.

It has a soup-like texture and is usually served as a morning snack with sodium during the cold season. Many variations [2] of this meal exist. One of the most liked variants is Siri paya (??? ???, ??? ????),[3] where siri means the top of an beast and paya means the toes.

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