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Learn how you can prevent them. The PayUMoney is a free transfer portal for education professionals, hotels etc. Payment Gateway for WooCommerce. PaymentUmoney is a popular Indian payment portal that allows you to accept credit card donations through a simple and secure offsite payment process.

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If you are a services company, an on-line shop, an interesting start-up or a burgeoning marketplace, we allow companies of all size throughout India to agree to make transactions for mobiles and on-line with minimal investment in terms of time and money. We design our processes so that you get a full on-boarding enjoyment without the need for manuals. More than 100 different risks are applied to each transaction, so you can concentrate on your core competencies and depend on us.

It' very simple to accept your purchases on your phone with our light-weight, portable SDK. Our SDK is packed with functions such as auto wheel OTP and magical re-try and is constantly upgraded to offer your clients a smooth online checkout process.

First steps with PayUmoney

PaymentUmoney is a favorite online transaction portal that allows you to receive your donation via a simple and safe off-site transaction procedure. With the PayUmoney Gateways, this product helps you to setup and set up the add-on so that you can quickly and simply receive your donation. For PayUmoney to be accepted via Give, you need to have an enabled PayUmoney user name, the PayUmoney Give Add-on and the Give Core Plug-in enabled.

We also strongly recommend that you have an enabled SSL Certificates for your site. Notice: You can always use your Give Account dashboard to view your sales slips, software updates and licences. Once your PayUmoney add-on is enabled, go to "Donate > Settings" and click on the Payment Gateways page.

After you have enabled the add-on, it is customary for Give to receive the necessary keys to safely transfer donations information to PayUmoney.

To do this you have to sign in to your PayUmoney bank and configure your give settings. Sign in to your PayUmoney account: Embed PayUmoney keys with Give: These are the next few easy to follow instructions on how to get your PayUmoney Merchant Key and Salt ready for integration with Give: Sign in to either the TEST or PayUmoney pages. As soon as you are signed in, go to your "Seller Dashboard" and click on "Account Details" and then on "Merchant-Key Salt":

Please copy the merchant key and the merchant salt and insert them into the corresponding boxes under WP-Admin > Donate > Preferences > Payment Gateways > PayUmoney: For the last few times, if you have the appropriate keys in place, make sure you do not encounter any problems in the test procedure. We recommend that you test your affiliation with a paymoney test bank before starting a promotion.

In order to set up a PayUmoney test account: If you reach the "Activate account" page, jump over it. They should all be set up with a PayUmoney test bankroll. NOTICE: If you are bogged down on the "Activate account" page, return to the test homepage https://test.payumoney. com/ and you should be signed in.

If you make a contribution with PayUmoney, you can use the following test billing information. After the plug-in has been set up, you can now test either in either TEST or IN VIEW modes. In order to test PayUmoney in TEST modus, Give must be set to test modus. More about Give's Test Mod.

The same applies to the LANIVE-modus. Please note: If you are planning to test in real time, you must use the real test information and not the above test information. To test PayUmoney: 1. navigate to a PayUmoney gift voucher with activated PayUmoney Gateway: 2. fill in the gift voucher and click on "Send".

Then you will be forwarded to PayUmoney: 3 Choose your mode of payments and continue with your donations. When using the "test mode", make sure you use the above test deposit information. When you have filled in the appropriate form, click Send. You' ll see that PayUmoney processes the transaction:

Once the gift has been successfully completed, you will be directed to the "Payment complete" page on your website. If your order has not been paid, you will also be taken to the "Payment failed" page on your website. You' ll also see the deal in your PayUmoney bank details and will get an e-mail verification from PayUmoney according to your bankroll.

This section contains useful information for debugging problems with the add-on or your system integrator. In essence, this is the symptom of a problem with the query sent from your website via Give to PayUmoney. This is probably due to an erroneous dealer key or salt being typed into the Gib settings.

Make sure the proper Merchant Key and Merchant Salt Key have been input. If, for example, Give is in test modus, you must have typed in the appropriate PayUmoney test keys. This also applies to the LANIVE-modus. Is it possible to modify the PayUmoney signature? Browse to WP-Admin > Donate > Payment Gateways > PayUmoney and adjust the "Payment Method Label".

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