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The prize goes to....

Featuring an unusually open and transparent approach, the upcoming Oscar awards ceremony on March 23 at Myanmar Event Park in Yangon, Myanmar, is extraordinary in comparison to prior years, with increasing votes of support and condemnation from a productive film audience, even to the point of open resistance to the mere "cessation of production of Myanmar spoof movies".

In contrast to the past, today's informed and experienced viewers see a video not only for recreation, but also to analyse and point out whether or not each character's actions comply with global standards, the overall number of individuals participating, the attitudes, display and effort of the filmmaker, and whether or not the video is a copy of a recent work.

In the midst of these votes of acclaim and critique, more than 50 films have already been selected, some of which are the same as the audience's choices, some dubious due to the actors' stupid actions and others too good to be true. This nomination will certainly create suspense and amazement as the supporters keep their cross to see if the winner will or will not mirror the present.

In contrast to any other year in which the nominees are governed by a single discipline such as humour, familial theatre or story, this year's film topics are well balanced in each of the genres. Cinema enthusiasts now have an additional role to play in monitoring whether or not the eleven performance accolades are in line with the audience's expectations.

The 17 films Saka Ma Pyaw Bu (Come from Treasure Trove, So Won't Speak), Zut Kyar (Forcible Tiger), Auto Bayin (Auto King) and Facebook Bayin Ma (Facebook Queen Regnant) are among the 17 live comedies featuring live performances by many cast members, performers and supporters. Among them, Phone Kanya Hnit Par as well as Thike Ka La De, Saka Ma Pyaw Bu are beloved by moviegoers.

No one can say for sure that this year' s films will not be eligible for an Oscar. Then followed a series of scary movies like Wi Nyin Ka Kyo ("Dance of the Spirit"), Kyauk Kyauk Kyauk Kyauk ("Dread, Dread, Dread, Dread"), Nya ("Night"), Lu A Myar Ko Chauk Hlant Yan Tasay Ta Kaung A Lo Shi Thi ("Need an Evil Being to Haunt People") and 3 young women were discreetly made.

Nay Toe's actions in the lead candidate Tartay Gyi (Revengeful Demon) from this class were recognized by the cinema visitors in a unanimous manner. Tartay Gyi's only obstacle to winning a prize is the fact that it is a straight copy of an India film. Also Nay Toe played in Kyun (slave), Htar Wa Ra A May (Forever Mother), Pet Pet Set Set Hynoe (Ruthlessly Mesmerize), Aung Say Paing Say ( To Win To Own) and Kyauk Kyauk Kyauk Kyauk, but Tartay Gyi was his best.

Although Pyae Ti Oo, another nominated for the Best Award 2017 Best Actress, said in a recent interviewer that he will only attend the Academy Award ceremony to help and celebrate other Academy Award recipients, his films such as Nay Mawin Eiktan Tet (Roosting before Sunset), Yinbat Htaiga Dah (Sword in the Chest), Yarzawin Yaing Thumyar (Those Poiling History) are all on the roster of accolades.

His picture of Pyae Ti Oo's spouse, who after marriage to an older woman had marital matters, was perfectly correct, and he had already been awarded an Oscar. The actor Myint Myat, who was able to rival Pyae Ti Oo, and who became known in Taw Kyi Kan (Jungle Crow), a continuation of the film Kho Soe Lu Hnite (Steal, Wicked, Grab, Snatch), which was particularly hit last year by grass root enthusiasts, and A Myi Paut Net Kyue (Trespasser, but with the title A Myi Paut Net Kyue), which put the life of ground fighters at the forefront, last year failed to make it to the Academy.

However, the audience's endorsement of his Russian play in films such as Yarzawin Yaing Thumyar, Kyun and Phone Kanya Hnit Par can't say that he couldn't claim this year's prize. Already he is an experienced performer with a powerful public backing. The budding actress Paul Phyo Thu, with her enchanting and vibrant movements that have drawn the crowd to Nay Mawin Eiktan Tet, is nominated for the Best Academy Awards, while the experiencedtress Eindra Kyaw Zin, the newly wed woman revealed in Yinbat Htaiga Dah, will make the crowd indecisive as to who would actually be the winner.

As San San Nvet's famed novel Khauk Htee Lay Malont Talon (Not Fully Shelterered under a Collapsible Umbrella) was transformed into a film, he drew the audience's eye, and when the film was shown, Aye Myat Thu's actor was perfectly and perfectly embodied a young woman who was only looking for cash and stature while at the same time loosing her morale.

She' gonna be the one to get the medal? Whereas the actor Wut Hmon Shwe Yi, the heart affair of the film enthusiasts, played in the film Kyun with her accustomed riveting styling and at the same times as a painful and sad woman, the actor Ei Chaw Po was able to do exactly what the action in A Myi Paut Net Kyue demanded.

You can only await the Academy evening to know who the winners will be. Zin Yaw Maung Maung's Htar Wa Ra A May also differs completely from the normal romantic, humorous and terrifying films, and one can ask oneself whether the Best Movie Award could go to him.

Under the direction of Bagyi Soe Moe and Nyein Min Aye, Kun Lon Yet Lay Se' (40 Tage Kun Lon), known to the public as a state feature, but actually a battle picture built on a real history and shot in 2017 with a broad following, is another feature that could earn the Academy Award.

Films like Nay Chi Hmar Shwe Yi Laung (Pour Liquid Gold on Sun Ray) and Tha Yar Saw Hti are also instructive and convey good politics, but they also reflect the humble life of mountain people and their way of life. Those films have found a thrilling reception from the public.

Among the most extraordinary films shown in 2017 are Ngau Chan Kha Thit Sar (Vow of Ngau Chan Kha), directed by Kachin citizens, Ti Ti Ti Nei Donut (Ti Ti and Donut) and Pwe Khan Me (Will Celebrate), directed by actors and actresses from neighbouring states. In contrast to films built on the common romance tales of contemporary history, the films shown in 2017 were built on tales by celebrity writers such as Lai Dwin Thar Saw Chit, Maung Thara, San San Nwet (Thayawady), Khin Khin Htoo, Lin Kar Yee Kyaw, and Dr. Khin Maung Win, who depicted the life of basic humans, peasants, and the tribal simplicity of the tribe and attracted so much publicity.

Filmmakers now have an additional duty to supervise whether a combined of eleven performance accolades - Best Image, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actress, Best Actress, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Music, Best Audio, Best Screenplay and Best Cut - meet the audience's expectations, represent the artists' effort and represent the selection committee's honest and impartial selection.

Otherwise, in contrast to other years, there will certainly be criticism and rejection that are so serious that it would be an unmistakable year for all artists and all those participating in the Myanmar film industry.

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