Pay ti Oo Movie

The Pay ti Oo movie

The Movies Let Pan, As U Like, Adam, Eve and Datsa, Style, Modern Yazawin Myanmar funny movie - Pyay Ti Oo, wai hlwan, and Soe Sisters. The actress Shwe Thamee will be in a film together with the actor Pyay Ti Oo in February. Scholarship programme started earlier this year with income from Pyae Ti Oo's VCD films. Oo Pyay Ti feels full of joy for his scholars oo owner when their standard of.

The Pyae Ti Oo awards scholarships to undergraduates and graduates

Pyae Ti Oo Educational Foundations will help 10 of our patients to continue their studies at Yangon's Institute of Medicine by providing funding, as its creator said early this months. Founded in July 2010 by the well-known Pyae Ti Oo acting artist, the scholarship fund awards prizes every July to high-performing disadvantaged college graduates.

Ambassadorial scholarships are designed to motivate talented academics to spend time in Myanmar rather than going abroad to university or work. Every pupil receives 50,000 K per month for the period of his degree, but must follow certain guidelines. Grant holders are obliged to spend five years in Myanmar after graduation.

Fellowship programme was launched at the beginning of the year with income from Pyae Ti Oo's VCD films. He encourages others to participate in the programme to make it more efficient. "I am very pleased with the company's founding and look forward to many more years.

Anyone can join..... and their money, like mine, will be used to improve the life of young students," Pyae Ti Oo said at a ceremonial at the beginning of the months.

Burma News :: Academie Comes Soon

February 2012 Academy Awarding Ceremony was honored for the Winner of the Year 2010 15 films, the 4 dramas and the remainder Love and Comedy Films. Most guess actors in 2012 was Pyay Ti Oo in film "Adam, Eve and Ravana", while actress nominee Lin Zar Ni Zaw in "Crying eye's smoking face" film.

In the males Pyi Ti Oo and Ko Min Oak Soe I listened to Hein Wai YanMa Thet Mon. I am happy that I will support the efforts of my family. Previous years I was hearing the voices of the actors' and actresses' name. This year I don't know much.

I have the t Mon Myint Friends in the Arts Realm I have the desire to everybody get the Award. It' price is high enough to know. I' ve already appeared as a mother, but in this film I was really tired, but I'm only pleased about the awards from the people.

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