The city of Paung is located in the state of Mon in southeastern Myanmar. Explore Paung, Kayin State, Burma with the help of your friends. Receive Paung weather forecast. The city of Paung is located in the state of Mon in southeastern Myanmar. Full list of Google satellite map locations in Paung, Burma.

Protests against Paung Township quarry

Approximately 500 people protested on June 5 against the quarry at Oke Tar Dar Village in Paung Township, Mon State, by Long Life Aggregate Mining Limited. Demonstrators say that mining has destroyed villagers' natural ressources, damage to crops, arable land, brooks and streets, and blocked the sewers.

Said Long Life Aggregate Mining began mining at Oke Ta Dar Village in 2013, but they never discussed with the village people or asked their opinion before they began mining. In the protests, demonstrators called for the slogan to close the mine to preserve the quarries nature, wildlife, water sources, farmland and plantation.

On 12 August 2014, locals filed a 2,500-signature signature-plus petition, on 29 December 2015 a 800-signature-more than 800 and on 22 January 2016 a 1,000-signature-ministry-issue. The Long Life Aggregate in Paung Township received a permit from the government to extract rocks and pebbles for building on 225 hectares of land in the Kalma Mountain Forest Reserve.

Bringing together civil society organisations

As Paung Ku acknowledges, societal transformation is complicated and there is no easy formula to achieve it. The Paung Ku team helps affiliates access funding and technology assets. With regard to funding we are running a year-round microfinance programme that will encourage our partner countries to address questions of variety, marginalization and inequality.....

Throughout the years, Paung Ku and his employees have established close and respectful relations with people, organizations and communities at all levels - locally, nationally, regionally and internationally. Paung Ku will make the strategical choice from now on to move forward and take over the immediate realization. In 2008, when Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar, civic organizations mobilized to help those who are shelterless and without shelter, clean drinking or livelihood.

Mr Paung Ku has helped coordinate the response of communities to such catastrophes as flooding or hurricanes, from the first needs assessment to securing the..... Did you ever ask yourself: "Is it possible that Myanmar is taking a road to sustained growth that avoids the traps of the paradigmatic of Orthodoxy?

It is Paung Ku's main objective for Myanmar's civic community to promote beneficial societal transformation. The name Paung Ku means "bridge" or "connect" in English and our work as a registerd, non-government organization (NGO) is aimed at uniting individuals, groups, ideas, ressources and assets in the pursuance of our vision:

It is a pluralist community that appreciates all the different ethnic groups, different cultural backgrounds and different convictions and guarantees fairness and esteem for the prerogatives of all, especially those who are marginalized. In our view, this can only be accomplished if there is a commitment from civic societies to promote and protect biodiversity, sex, justice, equality, freedom, rights and a pro-poor and ecologically viable future.

The work of Paung Ku is founded on a fundamental faith in Myanmar's present strength and capabilities, networking and relations, and the resistance of Myanmar's civic population. Building on both our experiences and the principles of societal transformation, our transformation theories recognize three features of the best placed to promote beneficial behavior.

1 ) be able to think about and use the opportunities for lifelong education to tackle societal injustices; 2) be well organized and effective with natural resource management; 3) be able to expand their reach. reflexion and study, access to ressources, links and networks. Communal and services provision, peacemaking, social equity and respect for people, land, good investments and the environment; democratization and good government.

The Paung Ku application can be downloaded under the following links.

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