Timpani (Arenaida) nije insect, pripada klasi zglavkara. Receive the Pauk weather forecast. On Saturday, when the first visitors of Sónar by Day enter the festival area, they will be spoiled with the sounds of timpani. Booking your trip in Pauk and save with Expedia! Select from thousands of great holiday offers for Pauk.


On Saturday, when the first Sónar by Day guests arrive on the grounds, they will be pampered with the sound of the timpani. The Catalan manufacturer published the record "Melancholic Anger" a few month ago, which he will present alongside other viscerals and emotional techniques from his catalog, incorporating his own experience, thoughts and many lessons of work and ardor.

In both the studios and on the deck, Pauk uses the rhythm and texture like an abstracted screen on which he gradually forms and entangles until a thick and compressed tone appears that leaves enough room for melody and dynamics. Also known as Pau Cabruja (aka Pauk) is a monomial artist, an experimental tool with an incredible sense of sight on which he writes and designs most of his work.

"Melancholic Anger" is only his second LP after his early début "Insekt" on Discontinu 2008. He combines complicated ruptures and thrilling tunes to create a flawless connection between technique and man. In addition to Discontinu, he has published single and EP releases on other record companies, among them Enpeg (USA),

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On behalf of Pauk-Phaw: Myanmar's China policy since 1948 - Maung Aung Myoe

Myanmar has tried since its liberation in January 1948 to find a way to address (once) ideologicalally unfriendly and historically chauvinist China, which has been pursuing a diplomatic strategy designed to restore its perceptible impact in Myanmar. Pauk-Phaw is dedicated solely to the specific character of the China-Myanmar relations.

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