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Many unforgettable experiences during their studies at the University of Pathein. An international exchange agreement with the University of Pathein, Myanmar. athein University Guide - Home - New Information - Departments - Student Information - University Photos. The University of Pathein is to follow in the coming months. One college in the city is affiliated with the Arts and Science University in Yangon.

University of Pathein, Myanmar, signs international exchange agreement

The University of Okayama signed an international exchange agreement with the University of Pathein, Republic of Myanmar, on 5 December. On the same date, the MOU was signed at the University of Pathein. More than 800 persons from about 30 Myanmar colleges and about 20 Japan-based education establishments took part in the event.

Okayama University Japan Educational Information Center, Myanmar was founded in February 2015 in Yangon. It is our assumption that the signing of this international exchange agreement will further stimulate the exchange with the exchange program with the university.

University of Pathein (Myanmar) visits YNU - News Center

Rector Nyunt Phay of the University of Pathein (hereinafter PU, Myanmar), his Mrs. Nan Nan Moe, Director of Shwe Beikman Construction Co. Pathine is the second biggest harbour town after Yangon, which lies in the south of Myanmar and has its evolution with the trading between Myanmar and Thailand.

It is his wish to expand and consolidate relations with Japan's academic institutions in order to join the YNU with his leagues. Mr Fumihiko Nakamura, Executive Director, and Ms Yoko Ito, International Director of the Secretariat, greeted the team.

University of News?Kumamoto

After Yangon, Pathein is the second biggest port in Myanmar, and Pathein University is one of the most important colleges that promotes the further growth of Myanmar's university. In cooperation with Kumamoto University, both research and research visits in the fields of civil and structural engineer sciences were carried out, and Pathein University Ph. D. student registered for a brief period at the Kumamoto University postgraduate university.

Rector Dr. Nyunt Phay and two others from the University of Pathein took part in the signature ceremonies. Following the signature of this contract, extended exchange within higher education institutions and the exchange in new areas are also foreseen.

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