Pathein Umbrella Myanmar

Myanmar Pathein Umbrella

The LIGHT Myanmar Traditional Umbrellas works in the Light-Pathein Umbrella Shop. Pat Rhein river cruise including lunch. These handpainted parasols, also called Pathein umbrellas, are worth a look. You will find the perfect myanmar pathein umbrella photo. Pathein's roofing industry is the capital of the Ayeyarwady Division of the Delta region of Myanmar.

About Myanmar Pathein Umbrella

This was a sunshine outing in Pathein, the Ayeryawaddy department's main town, and the small town was very bustling. This area is renowned for Chaung Thar Beaches, the favorite place of the Myanmar Islands, which is only an hour's car from town. However, Pathein is also known for a very special locally produced item, which is not only known in Myanmar, but also internationally:

The Pathein umbrella. Manufacture of parasols in this town is a craft that has been passed down from generations to generations for over a thousand years, and the manufacture of Pathein parasols is still very activ. This umbrella is of course named Pathein Umbrella because it is mainly made in Pathein, but also because the crown umbrella needed to make these crafts can only be found in the area around Pathein.

Made in Pathein is a legacy that the town and Myanmar artisans have inherited as a whole, as it is one of their fine icons. To find out more, I visited the Myat Kyaung Taw Pathein Umbrella Studio, which is the oldest and largest Pathein Umbrella Studio in Pathein.

When I came into the shop, I found many helpers who took charge of the construction of these nice items, all of whom took a giant leap forward in making the canopies. That' much more than your usual industry umbrella, I think. Since there are so many stages in the production of Pathein gliders, the garage needs around 100 employees and a great deal of group work.

While I can't recall everything, the basic ingredients they need are a lot of material, cloth, glue and yarn. You will also need a piece of Ma Oo for the umbrella's frame and the remainder is made of natural cork. To be suitable for umbrella manufacture, the umbrella must be five to fifteen years old, and the storage of the umbrella is six month after cutting to remove all sugars and germs from the canopy.

After six month's rest, the baskets are sliced into the appropriate sizes and cooked in soda to give them a rich colour before the bambs are cured. Once this is complete, it is ensured that the look of the trellis is flawless. They then begin to work on the outlines of the umbrella in Ma Oo timber and upholstery.

After all, the pieces of upholstery have to be distributed in a perfect way to make the one and only form that has made Pathein Umbrellas known. Once the umbrella has been formed, another individual must put adhesive on the umbrella fins and adhere the material to the canopy.

Here, too, the procedure requires a long period of patience, because the mesh must be stretched to perfection when it is glued to the canvas. Once the cloth is placed correctly, the screens are kept outside in the direct sunlight so that the adhesive dries. You could of course get a Pathein umbrella without any pattern or drawing on the material, but the nice design is also what made these handcrafted items famous.

There are two kinds of decorations, either a string is sewn onto the screen or paintings are made. Once the decor is ready and the picture is dried, a specific application of water-resistant film is made on the top of the screen. It should be better water resistant with the heavy rains we have in Myanmar.

Once the parasol is dried, the Pathein umbrella is complete and operational. However, there are many small painstaking stages on the way to these screens, such as binding the glider's fins together and smoothly opening and closing the mechanisms. Pathein is one of the many studios in Pathein. You will see an artwork that has been around for over a thousand years and is one of a kind in the area.

You' ll be surprised to see how these shades are made without a trace of wire or feather, everything in the mechanics is just a little bit of wood and suture. Approximately 18 kinds of Pathein gliders exist. Benedictine parasols are used every day by friars and monastics, but many places the parasols as decorations in their homes or in stores and bars, where you can sometimes see giant upright parasols.

However, if you don't have the opportunity to see the town, you can definitely buy an umbrella as a memento or as a present from your trip. These umbrellas are available all over the land, at fairs and unfortunately often in tourist areas, so try to get an overview of the prices you want to afford and bargain to get the best value for a beautiful and singular umbrella.

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