Pathein Umbrella History

History of Pathein Umbrella

The metallurgical industry was founded over a hundred years ago in Pathein. But the experience made the manufacturers innovative and began to produce umbrellas with canopies made of cotton, silk and satin with attractive floral motifs. First umbrellas were made of paper, but through experience the manufacturers became innovative and began to produce umbrellas with canopies made of cotton, silk and satin with attractive floral motifs. Woman paints a huge parasol in the Shwe Sar Umbrella workshop. In addition to several rice mills, the town has numerous sawmills and roof workshops.

Myanmar - Pathein Umbrella - Myanmar History, Culture & Customs

Now Pathein gliders are beginning to attract the attention of young foreigners. The image of a pretty young woman rocking the runway with a Pathein umbrella could become part of the global style world. Do you have any business for these gliders in Yangon?

Between " Pathein " Umbrella and "Eain Daw Yar" Umbrella by Mandalay many are not quite clear. On these pictures are some Pathein Umbrella, but most of them are Eain Daw Yar Umbrella. One to four are "Eain Daw Yar" umbrellas from Mandalay. No. 5 is the "Pathein" umbrella, which comes from Pathein.

You have this little strand of bristles that comes out at the umbrella rim, and they are flowery designs. 1, 2 and 6 (Daw Su's picture), all are "Eain Daw Yar" umbrellas from Mandalay. 3, 4 and 5 are "Pathein" gliders. The Mandalay folks didn't like it when I confused Pathein Umbrella and Eain Daw Yar Umbrella.

For mentioning that I wanted a make-up in Mandalay with Pathein Umbrella and my make-up artist, who came from Mandalay, rectified me that they use "Eain Daw Yar" Umbrella. Not" Pathein" umbrella.

Myannmar Umbrella - Myannmar Handicrafts

Pathein, Irrawaddy Division in the Myanmar capital's Danube River basin, is known for the roofing sector in Myanmar. The metallurgical plant has existed in Pathein for over a hundred years. As the first umbrella made of tissue was produced over the years and expertise, the producers became innovators, umbrellas and began to manufacture beautiful flowers in the form of flowers, silks, cotton and sateen.

This new umbrella has become more popular with his bride and has increased its sale in the state. Umbrellas draw aliens to buy a gift or to use as inside decorations and shadows. Manufacture of Pathein roof is more or less a metallurgical plant and the manufacture of the work distribution in a frame.

Every operator has a different job, one for the shores of the framework and the other boom, and another for the roofing, the grip, tipping or holding of the coastlines and in the bikes, even a nook or a movement to open and shut the shelter. Every individual who works alone, their own line of work of professionals. together to make an umbrella.

The canopy, on which the frames are ribbed, has various forms and colours of small flower painting in the colour of the back. It' s astonishing, one is open to be able to shut the canopy without a hitch, a number of parts are made by another person, that everything is very narrow and riding together.

The umbrella is then wound in a coloured ring of small cotton twine, and is curved to fix the same twine in the cutout of the grip can be guided around the canopy. Brilliantly colourful Pathein shade seems to enhance the feminine Myanmar beauty's elegant and charming appearance.

Easily accessible on any umbrella store and colour by Myanmarin all sizes of Pathein, if it has been properly pleated, it does not take up much room, alien as a present for someone particular, it is perfect to buy this marvelous work.

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