Pathein Umbrella

Patchhein Umbrella

Pathein's roofing industry, the capital of the Ayeyarwady Division of Myanmar's Delta region, is known worldwide. We produce Myanmar Traditional Pathein Umbrellas, which are long time outstanding and famous for their real craftsmanship. The name Myanmar Traditional Pathein Umbrella and the colorful handmade umbrellas from Pathein are known in Myanmar. Purchase Pathein Umbrella products online in Myanmar at low prices by cash on delivery. These garden umbrellas guarantee you to brighten up your world, starting with your garden.

An umbrella from Pathein

Pathein's roofing industries, the capitol of the Ayeyarwady Division of Myanmar's Danube River Basin, are known world over. The metallurgical plant was founded over a hundred years ago in Pathein. However, the manufacturers became innovators through their own experiences and began to make parasols with porches made of fabric, wool, silk and sateen with appealing flower motifs.

The redesigned parasols enjoyed great interest among the women and their sale was extended to the whole area. There were also attracting foreign visitors who bought Pathein shades as a souvenir or to decorate a wall and as one of a kind shades. More or less the Pathein umbrella is produced by a small group.

Every operator is given a different job, one of whom is to fabricate the frame from fins and another of whom is to fabricate the shelter. Both the umbrella stock and fins are made of wood and the handle and nave are made of soft wood, known as "Ma-U Thit".

BAMBURG and WEBER originate from the lower hillsides of the Rakhine Yoma mountain range near Chaungthar, near Pathein. Once all parts are finished by different artisans, they are assembled into an umbrella. Miraculously, many different parts, made by different people, are so well matched that it is easy to open and lock the canopy.

As soon as the umbrella is pleated, a small ring of colored woollen yarn can be wound around it and fixed to a recess in the handle with the same one. Myanmar's female elegance seems to be enhanced by the light and colorful Pathein shade.

Available in all shapes and colors in every mall and store in Myanmar, Pathein shades do not take up much room when properly pleated, making it perfect for a foreigner to buy this beautiful product as a present for someone in the spot. Now Pathein gliders are beginning to attract the attention of young foreigners.

The image of a young woman with a Pathein umbrella shrouding her on the runway could become part of the global clothing world.

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