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Map of the municipality Pathein

Click here to see our location on Google Map map of Pathein (Ayeyarwady / Myanmar), satellite view. If you are in the Mandalay region, see Patheingyi Township. These are a list of villages in Pathein Township, Pathein District, Ayeyarwady Region, Burma (Myanmar). Welcome to the Pathein google satellite map! Pathein Township, Ayeyarwaddy Division.

Mission Social Solidarity | Pathein

KMSS-Pathein is a diocesan caritas and was created in 2001 as a branch of the Pathein area. Co-ordinated by Karuna Myanmar in Yangon, Myanmar Human Welfare Service (KMSS), National Office under Catholic Bishops Conference (CBCM)..... This is a non-profit and religious organisation providing welfare work in the Pathein bishopric in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta in the south of Myanmar.

KMSS-Pathein has been providing welfare service for the various needs of diocesan communities, especially during the 2003 Ayeyarwaddy delta floods, 2004 Sunami affected in Labutta area, 2007 floods in West Pathein area, and especially in the great catastrophe of Nargis cyclone in May 2008 and 2012 in Pathein area in August.

KMSS-Pathein's head offices are now in the city of Pathein with five areas such as living, education, health, social protection and emergency care. KMSS-Pathein's missions are to strengthen the livelihoods of those in need of protection in many ways so that they can assume their own responsibility and develop it for the benefit of mankind and the community.

She has also been part of Nargis aid and rehabilitative work under the auspices of the Myanmar Disaster Response Committee (MDRC), which was financed by Caritas Internationalis from 2008-2011, and has collaborated with WFP, Caritas Thailand, KMSS National Office and even municipalities. Karuna Pathein now has partnerships with Caritas families such as KMSS National Office, Catholic relief Service (CRS), MISEREOR, Caritas Italy, Caritas Thailand and other organisations such as Enfants du Mekong, MISSIO, Missions Etrangeres de Paris and Italian Bishops Conference (CEI).

The Bishop of the Pathein bishopric, who is also assisted by the advisory board and meets every six months, is the president. The Advisory Council consists of the Vicar General and three deacons of the church areas in the Pathein bishopric (Pathein, Myaung Mya and Hinthada zone) and supports the President and Director in policy-making.

The Executive Director is responsible for both the recipients and the diocese. The Deputy Director is the person who assists the Executive Director in day-to-day administration and execution. Acting Director shall report directly to the Director. livelihood, education, health, social protection and disaster preparedness (DRR): You shall be answerable to the Director and the Deputy Director.

Penniless and endangered persons in the Ayeyarwaddy region of the Pathein bishopric are fully educated and enabled to share and enjoy the richness of the world. The lives of impoverished and endangered diocesan societies in Pathein, Ayeyarwaddy Region, regardless of sex, racial or religious background, with integral ministries that provide the necessary support physically, morally and psychologically and ensure their sustained development in all respects.

Karuna Pathein's goals are: Protect those in need of protection from violations of fundamental social freedoms and living with respect for fundamental freedoms in a secure social milieu. Target groups are impoverished and endangered minors, the elderly and females, the hungry, fishermen and the disabled who need essential forms of humanitary aid, irrespective of sex, racial origin or religion.

In geographical terms, the target groups of 15 cities in the Ayeyarwaddy region of Myanmar are well known. Pathein is located in these 15 districts. There are 34 congregations in the bishopric, which are ruled in three zones: Pathein, Myaung Mya and Hinthada.

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