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The Yangon River in Burma is distributed by Pathein River (Burmese: ?????

?????; Bassein River). A list of Burma's rivers. Take a traditional teak boat on the Pathein River on an all-day tour that includes pick up and drop off at your Pathein accommodation, transport and lunch. Inquire Wowbygio about Pathein River Cruise Lunch included. Flood and lake levels, including flood, runoff and stage information, for places near Pathein,


Burma (Burmese: ???????????; MLCTS: pu. simple dr: pu. brug:burman: pu. brug: mug:burman: burmese pronunciation: ????, [pha p??èi?]), formerly Bassein, is a seaport with 315,600 inhabitants in 2004 and the capitol of the Ayeyarwady region, Burma. Located on the Pathein River (Bassein), a westerly part of the Irrawaddy River[2] Pathein is the 4th biggest town in Burma (Myanmar) and is 190 kilometers westerly of Yangon.

Situated in the municipality of Pathein in the district of Pathein, it is also the headquarters of everyone. Though Pathein was once part of the Mon Empire, today it has only a few Mon people. Most of them are Bamar, Burmese Indians and Karen. He was part of the Mon-Koyalty. It is a mill and trading town.

These colorful, handcrafted sunshades from Pathein are known all over Burma[2], they are also called "Pathein Hti",[5] Pathein is also known for his potteries and his colorful, handcrafted basket and bucket. The Pathein has a tropic moon climat ( "Am") according to the Köppen-Klassification. From June to August, Pathein is experiencing a prolonged phase of exceptional rain.

The Pathein has a picturesque promenade and many buddhistic churches, incl. the major view of the Shwemokhtaw Pagoda. It is home to the Pathein University of Education for primary school teaching and the University of Pathein. The town has a large clinic that also provides care for the people in the area. There' s a GTC Technical University and a Computer IT University.

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Get away from the town on a delta trip

To get a close-up of the river bank live, leave the town and take a cruise through the Ayeyarwady Delta river system. Raised in a small Swiss town, never too far away from the snow-capped hills, I longed to flee Yangon in quest of something plant.

Pathein, on the banks of the powerful Pathein River, 190 kilometers western of Yangon, on the outskirts of the Ayeyarwady River Deltas, seemed to be the ideal outing: the ideal place to spend a weekend: Before I drove into the deltas, a person told me to get in communication with his boyfriend John the evening before I got to Pathein.

While I' m having my teas, I know John's an Englishman. In spite of his interest in the Anglophone world, John does not see his destiny in giving lessons, but rather in becoming a well-known travel agency. Following the notion of a UK traveller, John began organizing boating excursions around the Ayeyarwady Delta in 2007.

The next morning John invited me to go on a trip with him, which seemed to be a good choice to the historical pagoda lists my guidebook wanted to do. When we walked past Pathein's lovely wooden buildings on John's motorcycle, we came across artisans who sat in front of their workshop, wrapped in the fruit of their work: colourful sunshades (Pathein htee) made of shades of fine coloured canvas.

As we left the town, we came through wide yellows of paddies where the peasants harvested their ricepack. They were littered with large habitat of Htanung tree species that are more common in the African savanna than in a subtropical area. Our bosun Ko Ye Htway - a big, thin man with a timid grin and a betel nut appetite - waited for us at the dock in the dozy town of A Su Gyi, on a creek of the Pathein.

He had a long cock and his four-person boot was not much more than a few boards of timber and some fingernails, skilfully assembled and coated in light-yellow. It is a monotonous, cloudless day with a cloudless skies, luxuriant tropic flora and the tranquillity of the river. There are thick palm trees that grow from the river's edge.

Our boats are the only thing that moves on the river except for a few bird species. The first stop is Maunge Tee, a small street used only by bikes as there is no street through the town. The town is tidy and clean.

I' m trying to recall if I ever saw a shield like that in Yangon. It' a delightful contrasting to the tranquillity of the river. Whilst the procession circles the great gold Stupa, John begins one of his excessively tortuous remarks about our country's past and ritual. At about 10:30 am we are back on our boats, and Htway leads us to smaller, more windy creeks.

The mangroves grow from sand marshes on the banks of the river and remind me of the Mississippi. I' m asking John if there are any Croc... crocs in this area. The next stop is Tha Yet Kwin Yae Kyaw Gyi in Kangyidauntownship, a labyrinth-like place in the shadow of luxuriant exotic palm groves with palm groves, papaws, and beadle beetles.

The majority of the population here works in the paddy fields around the town. "It' s an NLD village," says John as we walk past the district bureau - a big stelzen building made of cobwebs. "After I was asked by some nice natives to a tealeaf lettuce, John brings me to the country convent, which is located in a complex of several 1930s collegiate houses.

Its smallest sculpture, not more than 30 centimeters high, is the proud ness of the town. Christian Karens is said to have attacked the town in 1988, and the monument was taken - apparently for the production of shells. It was not long ago that he found his way back to the town, to the great delight of its inhabitants.

When we get back on the ship and return to A Su Gyi, I drop into a happy night's rest. Wish our trip through the Ayeyarwady Delta could have taken a few more hrs just to see the towns passing by and the powerful river that flows towards the not so far-sea.

However, John has no spare minute - another pupil was in Pathein and waited for him to practise his English this afternoons. From Yangon to Pathein there are frequent busses leaving from Tharyar' s main station. It will take about four hour and the coach will stop in the centre of Pathein, near many hotel and restaurant establishments.

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