Pathein Parasol

Parasol Pathein

The Shwe Pathein Umbrella Professional Showroom. Pathein's roofing industry, the capital of the Ayeyarwady Division of Myanmar's Delta region, is known worldwide. For more than a hundred years Pathein has cultivated the craft of sunshade production. Traditional Myanmar Pathein umbrella manufactured for over a century. Myanmar has many types of parasols;

mainly known as white parasol, golden parasol, Shan parasol and Pathein parasol.

Traditional Myanma manufacturing

We produce Myanmar Traditional Pathein parasols, which for a long period of the year have been excellent and renowned for their genuine craftsmanship. While many types of parasols are manufactured in many different parts of the world, Myanmar Traditionalumshades are unique and unmistakable among them because of their interesting expertise andkmanship. These parasols are known as the Pathein manufacturing site and are known as Pathein Htee, manufactured in Pathein (Bassein) and Pagan umbrella.

Myanmar's royalty used to wear the big Htee Taw parasol. Traditionally handcrafted Myanmar parasols are made of naturally occurring fabrics such as tea, wood, bamboo und cottons. It is made of virgin cottons with a conventional gluing layer of palm, beehive, butter and some kind of naturally occurring adhesives.... more info

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For more than a hundred years Pathein has maintained the trade of sunshade production. The sunshades with elaborately designed designs are spread all over the land and are loved not only by visitors but also by people. Manufacturers produce sunshades according to a Bagan and Mandalay designs (called a Tibetan tav yar) and avant-garde.

The price ranges from 2,000k yats (US$2) to 100,000k yats, according to grade, shape and sizes. After the downfall of King Thibaw, who entrusted the craftsmen of his day to use high-quality wool and towels for him and his regal descended to Pathein, the regal sunshade manufacturers settled in Mandalay.

Myanmar's simple folk were only permitted to use umbrellas made of oiled wood. The umbrellas have been used mainly for decorative purposes since the advent of the contemporary umbrellas. When visiting or having the opportunity to attend a sunshade repair shop, you should take home some intriguing presents for your friends and family who have not yet had the opportunity to path-hunt.

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