Pathein Myanmar Beach

Myanmar Pathein Beach

There are roads from Pathein to the popular beaches of Myanmar. Thar and Ngwe Saung Beach. There are two beautiful beaches in Pathein called Chaung Thar and Ngwe Saung. The capital of the delta region of Myanmar and gateway to Chaungtha and Ngwe Saung beach. These colourful handmade umbrellas from Pathein are famous in Myanmar.

Pristine beach! - Retrospection on Goyangyi Island, Pathein, Myanmar

We visited Gaw Yan Gyi Island or the beach at least once a year, but it was not so simple to remain there because there are no hotel at all on GYG beach.

We were there! like? we have to get some kind of permit as the skilled guides will take the tour! take permits from the Pathein hotel and tourist information centre, then reserve a room in Nga Yoke Kaung city where there is local administration and tourist information centre etc..

Though there are frequent bus services from Pathein, it is better not to go there without a permit, as this is the most beautiful beach area in Myanmar. But, to be frank..... for the tourist from wherever they want to be convenient and impeccable, they are not trying to get GYG.... We will certainly have an uncomfortable ingress.

Obviously! very beautiful place for snorkelling or scuba dipping and motorcycling along the coastline and visit to the surrounding towns is also memorable memento!


There is a seaside city in the lower Myanmar-Delta that is called the Ayeyarwady-Division named Pathein. The British used to call it bassein in times of colonialism. Situated on the banks of the Gnawun and 75 leagues from the ocean. It is 191 mile ("by train") between Pathein (Bassein) and Yangon.

Hobson-Jobson commented on this baseness of the past age. Hundreds of years ago Pathein was known as Cosmin. It was named Cosmin by Ralph Fitch the first documented traveler to visit Myanmar between 1586 and 1588. A number of agencies were arguing that this term Cosmin was a corrupt of two mon words kinaw and thima.

It is assembled to Princes' Isle and called Myanmar by the name of Mindthaki. Hobson-Jobson is quoted again as saying that many travelers in the sixteenth and seventeenth century gave Cosmin to a harbour on the west side of the Ayeyarwaddy Deltas, which must have been near Bassein, if not his.

Bassein like Dagon (later Yangon) was an unimportant harbour in the mid-16th centr. Bassein was then only a small harbour and carried out hardly any important international trading operations. Bassein, an ancient city in India, has much to do with the rise of the imperialist Portugal. Today Pathein is the delta's capitol.

It can be accessed by street or double-decker through the Ayeyarwady Delta. Sunshade manufacturing is the same as Pathein. The city of Pathein remains an important point of call for ferries that carry passenger or freight between Yangon and the north and east of Myanmar.

The export of paddy is still carried out via the harbour of Pathein. Thousand inhabitants are living in Pathein, which was founded by the British in 1852 as a city of garrisons. Mostly Karen, who have been urged by the British to leave the Karen state in the east of Myanmar to help establish the deltas needed by ricegrowers.

Just 3 hour driving distance from Yangon. It' the most popular of the pagodas in Pathein. Following the Pathein until it flows into the Adman Sea, one reaches Cape Mawtin (Mawtinson) place of a well-known celebration in the moon months Tabodwe (February March). At the coast of the cape is a sand beach and the adored Maw Tin Son pod.

It' very unexpected that the marina is filled with all year round, except on the dates of the yearly festivals. There is sea waters far beyond the pavilion during the event and many stands selling all kinds of regional products: shellfish, sea food, decorations and accommodation.

By the time the festivities are over. The waters are up and cover the beach. Seems the marina is by the ocean. Pathein has streets to the famous Myanmar beach. Thar and Ngwe Saung Beach. It is only a 3 hour ride from Pathein through the mountain and to the lovely sands.

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