Pathein Myanmar

Pathine Myanmar

There is a coastal town called Pathein in the lower Myanmar Delta, which we call the Ayeyarwady Division. Pawsanmwe t'??? is located in the heart of an area that produces the best rice in Myanmar, including Pawsanmwe t'?

mìn (fragrant rice). Receive the Pathein weather forecast. Big discounts on Pathein Hotels, Myanmar. The Pathein Hotel is located in Pathein and has its own balcony.

Journeys to Pathein

yangon - ngwe saung Beach Our chauffeur picks you up from your Yangon hotels or airports around 8am and enjoys a 6-hour ride to ngwe saung beaches. Once we reach Ngwe Saung Bay, you will be taken to your accommodation for check-in and the remainder of the afternoon is free to unwind by the swimming pools or the beach:

Situated at the north end of Ngwe Saung town, the beaches stretch for several kilometers and there are a wide range of places offering a multitude of great shellfish, such as crabs, prawns, lobsters and various kinds of sea food, as well as local handicraft stores. In the daytime you can go to the small isle at the south end of the Ngwe Saung shore, which can be reached on walking at low water.

There is a panorama view of the beaches and the ocean from its top and snorkelling among the corals and colorful fishing that can be found in the surrounding area. NGWE SAUNG BYACH ngwe saung byach - yangon After having dinner or having dinner, on the way back to yangon, we can go to pathein, Myanmar's fifth biggest municipality.

Visiting the parasol repair shop in Pathein and driving on to Yangon. Transfers to your Yangon hotels or airports.

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The town of Pathein (Bassein) (1983 144,092 inhabitants) is the capitol of the Ayeyarwady Division in Myanmar. Situated on the westerly border of the Ayeyarwady River Deltas, on the Pathein (Ngawan) River 190 km from Yangon, Pathein is open to large ships and, despite its proximity to the sea, is the most important river harbour outside Yangon.

Its name was spoiled during the English Colonization. Today Pathein is a tranquil little city with a picturesque riverside promenade, many buddhistic shrines and Pathein roof shelters. These colorful handcrafted parasols from Pathein are known in Myanmar. Though Pathein was once part of the Mon Empire, today it has only a few Mon people.

The story goes that Pathein is much sooner than Bagan and Mandalay. Foreign nationals are no longer able to visit and depart from Yangon (March 2016). There' s a Mawtin Point theatre in Mawtin Point, 200 km from Pathein. Pathein's major attraction is Shwemokhtaw Paya, a buddhistic sanctuary established in 305 BC by King Asoka of India.

A number of small roof garages have been in operation for more than 200 years. They are handpainted and very inexpensive to buy (a few bucks each). Cruise the nearby river and wetland areas and experience Ayerwaddy Delta's tradition of rural living.

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