Pathein Industrial Zone

Industrial area Pathein

Alexeyarwaddy Should Be'Secondary Hub' to promote economic growth beyond the cities - chairman of the industrial zone. Ayeyarwady region has three industrial areas: Prime Minister In Ayeyarwady region, three industrial areas will be set up, the prime ministers said last weekend. Thein Aung said that the areas in Pathein, Maubin and Wakema will be set up and the Ayeyarwady region council was working on how to power the areas. "He said the federal administration is currently constructing a 230-kilovolt line.

"For the Pathein Zone, the goverment will construct a transformers in Maubin," he added. The Thai power company PTTEPI has found industrial deposits of M-3 natural-gas in its offshore fuel cell that could be sent to Pathein, he said. "After the construction of a pipe, we must also construct a natural Gas engine.....

We can then spread all three industrial areas and spread excess energy to the surrounding cities and villages," he said. The Pathein industrial estate already covers 78 hectares and was opened in 1992.

Completion of new Pathein Industrial City in the next year

The PATHEIN Industrial City development located in the Ayeyawady Delta is expected to be completed by 2018, according to Ayeyawady Development Public Co (ADC). Ayeyawady Development Public Co Ltd. has entered into a MoU with Singapore resident Bok Seng Logistic Co Ltd. which has some 40 years of logistic sector expertise to provide a transportation structure that is critical to conducting imports and exports.

Henry Ng, CEO of Bok Seng Logistic, is committed to sharing technological solution for the transport and logistic area. He plans to invest around 100 million US dollars in the new programme, which is currently being set up at a specific location between the Pathein and Kangyidaung districts. "The operating phase of the plants in the new industrial town after the end of the 2018 phase will provide more employment possibilities for the region's residents, said U Nay Nay Hlwan Moe, deputy chair of the AD.

Pathein Industrial City" project is aimed at improving the livelihoods of the area's inhabitants by luring production enterprises into the area, improving the standard of living of the locals and enabling investment to increase their production capacities in a new zone with a large labour force. Entrepreneurs from Taiwan, the USA, China and Thailand were asked to make investments in the new industrial harbour town.

All in all, the site will comprise 2,200 hectares. Within the area of the subproject a new harbour for 10,000 tons of freighters, two stream viaducts, a sewage works, supporting wall and a hydroelectric station will be built.

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