Pathein Hotel List

The Pathein Hotel List

Accommodation selection in Pathein, Burma Myanmar. It is a friendly hotel that celebrates time-honoured classics and creative verve. Reservation. com- Hotel Resort in Yangon. They talk about swimming pool, palace hotel and guest rooms.

The Pathein Hotel reviews and the Pathein Hotel room prices.

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In Pathein you will find boarding houses and hostels of the lower to middle price category, all within a few minutes walk of the central market. Delta Hotel is situated opposite a small river in the north of the city. Downstairs is a WiFi service for both hotel and restaurateurs, along with a small stock of top quality cuisine.

All of the rooms are roomy and well maintained and have telephones, tables and chairs, WiFi, small television sets,..... See our full Delta Hotel rating. Pammawaddy Hotel is situated in a calm road and is one of the newer ones in Pathein. Each room is air-conditioned, with WiFi, mini-bar, Sat-TV, wardrobe as well as direct dial telephonen.

See our full Review of Pammawaddy Hotel. The Pyae Wun Hotel is situated in a beautiful and peaceful part of the city, but still in the immediate vicinity of the main square, ATM and Shwemokehtaw Pagoda. This 40-room hotel seems to be a favorite with travelers from Burma. The rooms are WiFi and air-conditioned, with rooms on the first floor and on the second floor with warmwater.

See our full rating of La Pyae Wun Hotel. Taan Taan Taan Ta is situated in a lively part of Pathein, directly opposite the main town. Please have a look at our full report about the Taan Taan Taan Guesthouse. Sein Pyae Hlyan Inn is situated opposite the Pammawaddy Hotel on the tranquil Shwe Ze Di Road.

Please have a look at our full report on His Pyae Hlyan Inn. Please have a look at past editions.

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Enjoy the tranquillity and peacefulness in Pathein. Arrival to Pathein by coach or rail from the surrounding town. This town has no airport or railway station, but you can take a vehicle or coach to get to it. There are many touristic sites, shops and restuarant. In addition to Pathein Chinatown, visitors can also explore the Shwemokhtaw Pagoda and St. Peter's Basilica.

There are over 2 guesthouses in the town, which offer a wide range of accommodation. Accommodation in a hotel with 80 US$ in this Pathein. Overnight in a boutiquehotel to make yourself at home in Pathein. The Thazin Beach Hotel is also one of the most frequented in Pathein.

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