Pathein Bus Station

Bus station Pathein

By bus from Yangon to Pathein: Rail fares are cheaper than bus fares. The bus station of Pathein is located far outside the city centre. Heaven to Ngwe Saung Zig-zagging is an exaggeration for the amount of fast motion necessary to manoeuvre through the city towards Pathein bus station. Like any other bus station in Myanmar, the bus station was an large, non-marked dirty area with sales huts on both sides. Chalets always have exactly the same items: snack foods that seem to be several month after their expiry date, fatty, blunt handmade handkerchiefs, various refreshment beverages, filled waters, face tissues, Myanmar smoking, and separately packaged, strong-smelling mops.

As we cautiously walked across the muddy area to the passengers' wait area, I almost dropped a flip-flop in the silt. That journey lasted only about 2 hrs, along a small, single-lane, serpentine street, up some hill, through the forest, and several paddy fields, while all the time, Myanmar exploded popular tunes from a handheld loudspeaker in front of the bus.

Viewed from afar, the paddy paddies looked like bright verdant quilted blankets decorated with tan embroideries. Since we knew it was still it was the time of the monsoons, we were still tirelessly searching for a way to Ngwe Saung Beaches, even if only to see a Myanmar bath. Inquiring about a bus from Yangon to the coast, we were told by several ticketing agencies that there are no busses to the shore in the wet seasons.

We needed 3 cities, 3 busses, 3 motorcars and 2 motorcycles to get here. After disembarking at an unsignposted bus stop, we were taken to a hotel by another motorcycle taxi. This long section of powdery, bright, caramel-coloured sandy beaches was almost empty and almost imposing, except for a few fishermen who threw out their fishing gear, their clothing in gusting winds, rain up to their knees. 2.

Then in the afternoons, the snow covered the ground with a pale grey coating that finally turned into rich, brown coal, until the whole skies took on the colour of soots. It' simple to appreciate the sea on a sun-drenched days, but the sea on a wet one is just as nice.

Lettering on the decks of our seaside bungalows, stretched out on a large wood stool, just a few hundred metres from the stomping, solid shafts, to the sound track of the low, guttural, roaring thunder? it won't be much better than that.

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