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Burma Pathein

Born in Pathein (Bassein), Pathein, formerly called Bassein, is the largest city and capital of the Ayeyarwady region, Burma. PATHEIN, the largest settlement in the delta, is mostly used as a stage stop between Yangon and the coast, but makes a worthwhile stop for its bustling markets, Get the Pathein weather forecast. Myanmar Ayewarwaddy & Pathein & Maubin.

The iata-Code BSX and the icao-Code VYPN are located in Burma. Power Light Guest House-Burmese only accepts Burmese citizens and offers accommodation in Pathein only.

The Pathein River | The River Danube River Basin and Myanmar's West Guide

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Pathein's last steam-powered rice mill, Myanmar / Burma - Steamed rice 2018

There were 15 steam-powered travel grinders in Pathein five years ago, today there are only two. His Myitta Nal Myay Myey Mill still uses a Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies, Ipswich, England (RJS) 12" fixed displacement steamer. The Ransomes were founded in 1785 and are still used today as a mower.

Grinders still want to use vapour as they have a free combustible resource (chaff from the husk ), but it is becoming more and more hard to renew boilers' certifications. It is prohibitively expensive to import a new kettle.

Burmese Guesthouse-Powtown Pathein - Update 2018 Rates

Power Light is only open to Myanmar residents and only provides lodging in Pathein. Each room in this guesthouse is air-conditioned and has a TV. A 24-hour reception is available on the premises. We are sorry, but there was an erroneous entry of your comments. We are sorry, but there was an erroneous entry of your comments.

We are sorry, but there was an erroneous entry of your comments. I' m sorry, but it seems something went awry when I submitted this. Well to know Power Light Gästehaus-Burmese only accepts your wishes - just include them in the next screen! You must let the real estate know in anticipation when you will be arriving.

These properties only allow payment in real money. On the basis of our license terms, Power Light Guest House can only be accepted by "Burmese citizens". Guests must present a strong Myanmar identity card at check-in. It looks like you've come across an unexplored piece of land..... There are no ratings for Power Light Guest House-Burmese Only yet, be the first to find out what the house has to show and be the first to give a rating for other people. Maybe you'll find a jewel to hide.

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