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Myanmar Passport Office

Where it is rejected, the Office shall reply only to the rejection but without giving any reasons. When you lose your passport, you can apply for a new one or register a marriage, birth or death of a British citizen in Burma. Where can I open a representative office in Myanmar? Seafarers Union of Burma, the office of. What is the CVAC contract partner in Burma (Myanmar)?

New passport office opened in the state of Chin

This year, a new office for the issue of a Myanmar passport was opened in Hakha, Chin State. According to one of the Chinese authorities, the opening of the Myanmar Passport issuing office (section) took place in the Chinese capitol today. Capt. San Oo, senior police officer, said the request would be 25,000 Kyats and that it would take about 10 working day to issue a passport.

The new office would offer the best service to the locals. It aims to lower the costs of housing, meals and travelling, as the inhabitants of Chin State previously had to go to Mandalay or Rangoon to obtain their passes.

A new passport office was set up in Mandalay last July, as Rangoon was the only place where people could request their passes.

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A new passport office in the capitol Moulmein will make it easy for citizens who need the law. Helping migrants from Burma in Thailand, Ko Thiha said to IMNA that the new site makes it "more comfortable" because it is nearer the state. Myanmar citizens can now obtain a passport near Thailand instead of having to go to Thailand to obtain a work permit for work.

A new passport office on Ah-yar-taw St in Maung-ngan, which opened on 2 January, has not yet granted a passport. The state-run press says it will cost 20,000 Kyat (about 20 US$) to get a passport, which is usually granted within 10 working hours. If you need an urgent passport for health care or other foreign treatment, you can get one within three to five working hours.

Thirteen passport bureaus were opened this past month in Burma's main towns, among them the capitol Naypyitaw. Prior to this year, there were branches in Rangoon and Mandalay.

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