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About the island of Paros in Greece, rooms, studios, apartments and maisonettes in Parikia, Naoussa, Drios, beautiful accommodation in the Cyclades. Paros, Greece Maybe Paros is not the ancient Greece where your boyfriends said you should go, but there is a good possibility that you will have as much enjoyment here as you could have had in Mykonos, and you will still be able to buy some presents for your loved ones without using the emergency savings from your bank account.

From Pireaus, Paros has all year round day ferries and is on the same line as Santorini and Naxos, making it the most natural place to do so. Most other Cyclades and Crete have regular flights during the year.

Paros is a good place for those who want to stay on a small Grecian archipelago and for those who want to come in the low seasons and know that there are open and talkable places with excellent food, coffee bars and stores. Paros' excellent dining is among the best in Greece, as are its beautiful sandy shores and lively nights during the summers.

At Paros you get 2 isles for the cost of one: The Antiparos is only 10 minutes away by boat.

Partos 2018: The best of Paros Tourism

Plenty of beach for everyone on Paros Family, Participant, Water Sports, Honeymooners. And the same wind that rushes down your peaks of pomegranates and oranges will drive your kitesurf or windsurf sessions. Parikia, the capitol, has a 100-door Panagia Ekatontapillani, a small sanctuary where you can see the sea walls of a mediaeval fort made of the vestiges of old temples and marbles.

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