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If Buildings Could Talk" Paris Muse recently welcomed my family on their Paris family walk. The Paris Muse Private Tours is located in Paris. On the blog I' m happy to give the facts to the visitor, but I'm really excited to give them the necessary instruments to look past the surfaces of a work and excavate deep. Museum gives us the possibility to turn our past into our own memory. For me, it is not only the most beautiful form of painting, but also what it can tell us about the societal, cultural, political as well as spiritual concepts of the societies in which it was created.

When you travel to Paris with children under 5 years, continue reading. This is why the author of our new personal trip is like no other. The Amanda Herold-Marme leads us behind the scenery of the Guernica-Show in the Musée Picasso.

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During my family's recent journey to Paris, I sometimes felt overcome by the astonishing amount of architectural and historical work at every turn. Here a great ride makes the big deal of a big deal of a difference. I' ve always asked myself if the tours with children are really worthwhile. I have missed that most tours last only a few lessons, but the advantages of what the children are learning last a whole journey and even a life long.

My muse recently welcomed my and my wife and daughter on her "If Building Could Talk" Paris trip. I have 5 and 8 children and I know that there are certain parts of the trip that they will always recall. This hike takes 2.5 - 3 hrs and runs well.

It begins at the Place des Vosges and the home of Victor Hugo (author of The Hunchback of Notre Dame) and ends in Notre Dame. The hike took us mostly away from the large amounts of sunshine and into parts of Paris that we would never have seen otherwise.

It concentrates on the youngsters, although the grown-ups are learning as much as the youngsters and are invited to do so. Throughout the walking trail, the students receive a uniquely combined tool that they can use throughout the entire trail to show the way and to spot statues and marks on the building, complete with a built-in cannonball - a great success.

Already in the first five moments it was clear that Inge, our travel leader, knew how to inspire children. She was astonished with her understanding of the story of Paris and how this can be communicated to the children. I could never have shown them the story that way, even with a travel book. Inge' architectural approach showed them how much the people of France value and protect their story, and I think the children got it.

The story blends with what is now Paris. It successfully shows how the past merges with daily routine in Paris and becomes a part of our lives. It was never so obvious when we looked at a part of the old Parisian walls. They never know what children are remembering from a holiday and it seems like mine tends to recall the sweets they had more than anything else.

They hadn' t known what they had recorded from the trip until our next trip to a chapel and a chateau. Immediately they began to look for traces of the bricklayer on the rocks of the chateau and the pink coloured glazed door in the chapel, only to recall that rosette doors can only be found in the cathedral or basilica.

It felt like they were leaving the trip with a range of equipment that they used for the remainder of our holiday. Children also fill out a work book while they go, so that one of the parents has to help them if they cannot literate. Even though we had just had dinner, it is exhausting to walk around for three long hrs and a good little treat will help reduce the whing.

After all, to give an honest response to my own questions as to whether this kind of personalized, managed management is worthwhile, the response is yes. It is 290 Euro and if I could have this kind of adventure with my children again, I would not hesistate to make a booking.

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