Tours to Paris Paris' listed arcades, cinemas, museums, classic pubs and shops will be enriched by a new stream of multi-media galeries, original wineries, designer stores and technology start-ups. Notre Dame St. John's Church, the lamella bridge across the Seine and the Jugendstil café terrace bordered by willow chairs are all permanent landmarks in Paris.

In spite of its original appearance, however, the Paris skyline is not static: there are also some breathtaking urban and contemporaneous iconic buildings, from the inside-out, industry-oriented Pompidou Center to the mor veétal ( "vertical garden") that adorns the Musée de Quai branly, the Fondation Louis Vuitton's Center for Contemporaneous Art's canopies, and the shiny, egg-shaped La Seine Musicale in iron.

France's fame for its cooking (the English term for "cuisine") goes before him, and whether you're looking for a friendly neighborhood café or a three-star Michelin restaurant you' ll find that every home takes pride in the excellent cooking and display of premium products, always accompanied by wines. Tempting pastry chefs, boulangerien (bakeries), fromage frais (cheese shops) and overcrowded, colorful outdoor fairs are ideal for organizing a lunch in the city's lovely park and garden.

From home cooking to the world's most renowned cooking academies, a variety of dining classes offer classes for all timetables, skills and budget. Pariser " stands for elegance, and buying fashions is the city's strength. Staying at the top of global trend, Paris is an essential part of any visitor's experience as they browse aspiring and mature design shops and haute couture flagships.

Here you will also find trendy conceptual and household goods boutiques and magnificent Jugendstil shopping malls, a variety of classic boutiques and garage sales, charming bookstores and darkgreen bouquinist stands with second-hand books along the banks, enchanting children's clothing and toyshops, arts and antiques traders, time-honoured facilities with professionally designed cooking utensils and, of course, an abundance of fine dining boutiques.

Paris, with its richly illustrated artist pedigrees - Renoir, Rodin, Picasso, Monet, Manet, Dalí and Van Gogh are just a few of the master craftsmen who have worked and inhabited the city over the years - is one of the world's great arts depositories, with rich collections since ancient times.

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