Adjektiv. parciales (plural parciales) partial (part of a whole) ecuaciones diferenciales parciales - partial differential equations. I asked you for the complete guest list, but you gave me an incomplete list. Sync by n17t01 Spanish to English parcial. Parcial exam translated from Spanish into English with synonyms, definitions and related words.


only partially; not completely or generally; incomplete: partially blind; a partially paying a liability. bias or prejudice in favour of one individual, group, page, etc., over another, as in a controversy: a partially voucher. with respect to one part. Botanics. subsidiary or secondary: a partially conindene. partially to, with predilection or predilection for; particularly popular:

I love candy cakes. It lit up the whole room, but in a partly and dark way. That could be the case if He himself had committed himself to give more than a fraction of the Truth. While undergoing various surgeries, he benefited only in part. I' had a date with John on Monday, but he'll let me go to the opera.

At the beginning of the 15th century, "one-sided, biased", of old francophone parcial (14c., modern francophone partial), of medieval roman partialism "divisible, lonely, partial", of roman francophone partialism (genitive partis) "partis" (see part (n.)). The meaning of "not quite, incomplete" has been proven since the end of the 14cs.

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