Paraiba Tourmaline

Tourmaline Paraiba

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In Paraiba Tourmalines: the intriguing history of a gemstone of rarity.

Paraiba neon-bright tourmaline from the state of Paraiba in Brazil is one of the most sought-after pieces of jewellery in the run. Paraiba-Turmalines have become one of the most sought-after precious stones in the whole wide range in just a few years. The first discovery in the 1980s by Heitor Dimas Barbosa - who dug for years in the Paraiba state of Brazil because he knew something really unique was hiding there - he must have known that he had won the lottery when he saw his first neon-bright Paraiba tourmaline.

Why are Paraiba Turmaline special? Nearly every tourmaline tone can be found in Brazil, but none has the lively luster that characterizes Paraiba Tourmaline, also known as Cuebrian Islebayite. Produced from the micronutrient cooper, the colors vary from striking bluish blues to imposing greens, but it is the glowing that seems to lighten the inside of the rock that makes Paraiba Tourmaline unparalleled.

When are Brazilian Paraiba-Turmalines? In order to relativize their rareness, only one paraiba tourmaline is quarried per 10,000 diamond, and a good-grade paraiba from Brazil with a weight of more than three karats is almost unknown. Genuine Brazilian paraiba tourmaline is so seldom that it is not uncommon for it to reach five digits per karat.

Surprisingly, a new trend in Paraiba's history came onto the scene in 2003 with a new surge of bright green-blue tourmaline that was manually extracted from the copper-rich Mozambique and Nigeria hills. Similar to Paraiba in every respect, with only slight chemistry variations from those excavated in Brazil, they are often found with a weight of five carat or more and have triggered an on-going discussion about what can and cannot be defined as "Paraiba" tourmaline.

There are some who claim that only tourmaline from the state of Paraiba Paraibas is included, while others are more including. Comparing the form of the coast line of South America with that of Africa, this indicates that the two once with the copper-rich Brazilians came much nearer - and possibly right next- to Mozambique and Nigeria's copper-rich hills than they are today.

Paraiba tourist linen is so popular that Kat Florence is receiving e-mails, phone and Instagram news from all over the globe looking for it.

Macaw Vartanian's Brasilian jewelry shows a shimmering selection of scarce colored gems, among them Paraiba tourmaline from his homeland. Aube Oak Nature Promesse de l'Aube Oak Pierced with Paraiba Tourmaline, Rose Tourmaline, Garnet and Diamond (POA) stud. Martin Katz handcuff strap with 121ct Paraiba tourmaline cabochons, accentuated with 176 silver plated jewels (£190,000).

84-karat Mozambique Paraiba-like tourmaline with smaller Brasilian Paraibas. An 83 ct Paraiba tourmaline from Brazil is in the spotlight under a whirlpool of george pragnell in this George Pragnell ring (£250,000). The Guy & Max Weißgold Digital Nature 1. 29 ct Paraiba Tourmaline Ring with Diamond (£4,500). Twenty-two D-Flawless Diamond surrounded two Brasilian Paraiba Tourmaline in these Cat Florence Pierced Pearl Pierced Heart Studs (4.640 ?).

Paraiba tourist linen is so popular that Kat Florence is receiving e-mails, phone and Instagram news from all over the globe looking for it. Kissing " ring with a 2. 01 karat diamond-shaped ring in a 27. Forty-seven carats of Paraiba Tourmaline (POA).

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