Paradise Hotel Taunggyi

Hotel Taunggyi Paradise

In Taunggyi, I stayed in a hotel called the Paradise Hotel. See reviews, photos and view on the map for Paradise Taunggyi Hotel Hotel Hotel. The best price guaranteed for the Paradise Taunggyi Hotel. Hotel Paradise, Taunggyi Shan State, Myanmar (Burma). Myanmar Paradise Hotel.

The Paradise Hotel (Taunggyi), Myanmar

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The Paradise Hotel, Taunggyi. Report

The Shan state in the east of Myanmar is a mountain area, a very picturesque, untouched nature beautifull. I' m said that it is a popular area to spend the public festivities, even for the citizens. Among the various towns in the area, the town of Taunggyi in the south of Shan State was one of the most popular places for visitors and holidaymakers.

On one of my travels to Myanmar, I took the chance to see Taunggyi, an outstanding place, convenient and relieved. It was a one-bedroom on a high level with a nice panorama look at the city centre. There was a nice room with all conveniences to make your holiday comfortable, Sat-TV, fridge, minibar, coffeemaker, IDD-phone.

Our own in-house eatery was.... very friendly and served a wide range of Myanmar, Chinese, Asiatic and foreign cuisine. Only a few minutes walk from the hotel was the city square. Taunggyi. Paradise Hotel was a very lovely place to live. I was very happy and happy. Situated in a very favourable position, the surroundings were wonderful, and the personnel were always very polite and welcoming, in the Shan traditions.

This was a great place for visitors and holidaymakers to spend time in the city. I' m looking forward to returning there when I have the opportunity to come back to Taunggyi. I' d definitely suggest the place to my home visits to Taunggyi if they were lucky enough to get there.

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