Paradise Bungalows Dawei

Bungalows Paradise Dawei

An hour after the start you climb onto the asphalt in Dawei. Heaven is the right word! Dawei Paradise Beach Bungalows, the perfect refuge where Wifi, network and electricity do not exist. impossible not to separate for a while.

Heaven is the right thing to say! - Myanmar Paradise Beach Bungalows, Dawei, Myanmar in retrospect

I' ve been to Paradise Beach twice in the last two years, most recently in September for a whole weeks, and I like it. I looked at the other bookmarks before deciding to post this one to see what might be mistaken for this great place.

Employees are cleaning it, but it's an on-going operation. Myanmar is a funny, friendly and nosy group. What's nice about Paradise Beach is that it's isolated, out of the way and easy. Bungalows are sufficiently separated and when you walk you can be as socially as you want, or you can take care of yourself.

Since there are only a few bungalows, it is very important to reserve.

Paradisiacal Beaches of the Dawei Peninsula

It is the capitol of the Tanintharyi region, 600 km from Yangon in southeast Myanmar. It is a quaint province and its environs that are largely uncharted by outsiders. However, all this will soon be changed as news of the breathtaking coastal shoreline off the western shore of Dawei begins to circulate. Only 70 km southwards of the centre, on the Dawei Peninsula, unspoilt shores are waiting for those who are ready to leave and discover the well-trodden trail.

There are five large sandy beach with crystalline water and stunning sand. Most of the beach remains unspoiled and only one of them has a number of bungalows. However, as this paradise gets around and the number of unrelated tourists increases, the tourist industry will develop safely and rapidly.

Much of the best sites on the coastline have already been purchased by the designers, but work on the large resort sites has not yet begun. The region's infrastructures are also showing evidence of improvements as work is underway on the stretch of motorway between Dawei and the Dawei-Penninsula. However, at the moment the Dawei Peninsular is an unspoilt paradise, willing to give rewards to those who travel to this secluded part of Myanmar.

From Yangon, Dawei can be easily accessed by coach in 14 hours. In order to get to the Dawei Penninsula, rent a Dawei vehicle or take a shuttle service to the towns on the Mt.

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