Paradise Beach Dawei

Dawei Paradise Beach

Burma Paradise Beach Bungalows, Dawei. Getting to Dawei's Paradise: a step-by-step tutorial The Dawei Penninsula is still relatively undiscovered for a part of the world that is at the centre of global economic planning and controversy. With the opening to the tourist industry in 2013, the area around the Tanintharyi region's capitol has been gradually invaded by adventurers who want to explore its vast, open shores. And who says paradise should be attainable?

To give our faithful readership the opportunity to follow a step-by-step tutorial from Yangon to the beach of San Sa Aw. You want the Apex Airlines 7:30 am plane to Dawei (about 70 US$). It takes about two and a half hour from Dawei to the beach. Fill up at a petrol pump before you cross the stream and head southwards on the Launglon drive.

You go to Aut Kyauk Wap, and the trip is one of the high points of the whole itinerary. As soon as chugging chugboats of China's faraway ocean carriers and more tourist begin to pamper the beach, the children may be less thrilled to see you. You want to feel good riding a motorcycle, especially when you get to the jungles.

On arriving in Kyauk Wap Pyin, you will see a place on the right side of the street named Yway. He offers genuine coffees on the front plate, and he will keep his promises with a solid Yangon crusher and grinded beans. Grab a snack; you want it for the last stage of the trip, a shocking ride along a jungles path to the beach.

Continue following the signposts to Paradise and Paradise Cottages. Uphill, downhill, the chasm between treetops and precipitous slopes - it's only 10 min, but it will last much longer. If you fall down and to the right, the thinning of the branches starts. All of a sudden you see a small little eatery and a selection of 10 cabins made of wood - soon 20.

Bicycle parking, walk upside down through the tree line to the beach of San Sa Aw and inhale. You were trapped in roadblocks four long ago in Yangon town. Now, as the light above the hill begins to fade, you kick your way through the coconut with nothing but pure whitish sands, stomping waves and untouched serenity.

There' s about a doze of similar bays in the area, just a drive away. The price of a chalet is 25.000 K per overnight stay, and the meal in the hotel and the restaurants is crisp and inexpensive. The Paradise is one of the few lodgings on the south end of the island, and although robust, it has everything you need (bed, toilets, buckets for showers) and some things you don't need (mosquito netting to protect you from snacks that never come).

Have a look at the beach leader of the Dawei Peninsula by Stephen Robert Barker.

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