Paradise Beach Bungalows Dawei

Dawei Paradise Beach Bungalows

In February we plan to go to Paradise Beach in the southern region of Dawei. Paragliding Paradise Beach - Review of Myanmar Paradise Beach Bungalows, Dawei, Myanmar The whole thing is very remote and you have to take a little bit on yourself to get there, but you already know that beforehand that beforehand. The location is great, the beach is really beautiful and apart of the guests of Paradise Beach, there are no people. The cabins are nice too, but could be a little cleaner.

The men who must be the leaders are not very friendly. What particularly strikes you is that you have met extremely friendly and helpful people throughout Myanmar throughout Myanmar. I had already reserved 2 cabines more than half a year before, one should be a twin bed, which I was also promised.

In the evening talking to another vacationer, it turned out that she had a twin bed hut and since she decided to have a hut on the own and not share it with someone else, she was alone in there. But for the woman that alone meant that only meant that she had to make x phone calls and conversations.

We spontaneously decided to change the cabins, she was happy to have a big bed on the own and we were happy to have two beds. After all the hick hack she had before, we settled this among ourselves, because we had the same length of stay anyway.

The next morning she had discussions about her hut again, she should move to another one, probably because they needed the 2 beds. But now we were already in it..... The one " boss " a aussi essayé tout le temps de nous tourner sur un transfert privé surévalué, nous avons alors trouvé quelque chose de beaucoup moins cher.

But on the day of departure we were already annoyed at 10:30 o'clock, when we finally leave the hut ! The food was ok (we had better ones in Myanmar too) but a little overpriced for the country, the portions also not exactly luxuriant. One had the feeling that one was paying for the remote location.

Breakfast a été inclus, mais limité contrairement à d'autres hébergements. cups of coffee with it (chaque autre devait être payé), les crêpes aux pancakes aux mixes were 2 crêpes minces, avec une demi banane dans chacune, on devait payer plus...... The girls who worked there were really very nice and friendly......

If you work on the way there and try to be really friendly (just like the people in the country) and don't make the people feel the people feel only interested in their money, then this can be a really great place ! I would' t go, I wouldn't go there again.

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