The DL-panthenol is in very limited stock. Panthenol is a humectant, plasticizer and moisturizer in cosmetics. Pantothenol is an alcoholic derivate of panthenic acids or vitamine and is also known as provitamine of vitamine A5. Dissolves in ethers and chloroforms and may not be completely dissolved in glycerine. It is an additive in many cosmetic, dermatological, hair and body treatment applications.

Pantothenol is also known as dexpanthenol, dexpanthenolium, D-panthenol and many other name. Even when used regularly, it is nontoxic and nontoxic, which is why it is also used in the production of drugs and treatment for spots and dimness. It has two types (D and mixed racesemic ), in both types it is active as an active substance in cosmetic and body hygiene inks.

It is synthesised in the laboratory and as it is a derivate of panthenic acids or vitamine D5, it is necessary for the optimal growth of our corpore. It was not known in antiquity, but in many crops around the globe it was a basic food product that was high in beta-beta.

Discoveries of B and panthenol have resulted in research into their advantages in many sectors. As panthenol is a natural product of vitamine B2, it is an excellent agent in the treatment of sensitive areas of dermis and algae. This can nurture and rejuvenate your skins and your body's youth. Panthenol is found in many different types of styles including panthenol in bristles, rinses, hair gel, hairsprays and many other styles.

It' found to enhance the overall look of your coat and can help prevent damages caused by sunlight and soiling. Panthenol acts as a moisturiser in dermatological treatment preparations, fixing the skin's hydration after a soak. Significantly enhances the look and feel of the hide, as it can soak in.

It' not oily and works on most skins. Panthenol is also beneficial to the cosmetic industries. Panthenol is rated as a safer component in cosmetic products by the cosmetic ingredients review. It' fully watersoluble and makes make-up removing simple. It is also used for smaller incisions and burn injuries. Also it can be used to help small sunburns by stimulating the recovery of the cells of the body or epithelisation.

It' also is considered an efficient way to treat spots and impurities. No side effect is associated with the use of panthenol. It' also recommended to use on a regular basis as conditioner for your coat and your face. Can also be used safely by infants, mothers and nursing mothers.

Pantothenol is water-soluble and safer when taken by mouth and there is no danger of intoxicity.

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